2010 Overview And Where Am At Now!

Hey everyone, what’s going on?

Jeez, right now it feels like it’s been years since I made a post that’s not a ‘product review‘ on this blog. I feel so bad that I haven’t been spending more time with you guys and offering tips and advice to help you grow your business to the next level. So I hope all of you guys who have been following me over the months can forgive me. So I promise to start a fresh and hopefully you can join in so we can have some fun here as well as make a lot of money in the process.

Now In this post, I want to go over a some stuff that I know a lot of persons would love to have some answers for. For example, I want to reflect a little on the year 2010 and my $80K Goal as well as update you on where I am now in my online business. Last year (2010) I started out on a goal to make $80K online. However, throughout the year a lot of stuff happened and I was unable to keep updating this blog. So below I am going to share some results and let you know how everything went and what I am up to now.

So let’s Get Started:

How Did I Do With My $80K Goal In 2010?

I am going to be honest with you as I have nothing to hide. I did not achieve my goal of $80K but the year of 2010, (which was really my second year as a full time marketer) was my best year online. Even though I did not achieve my goal of $80K, I still made close to half of that and gained a ton of experience in the process. Experience that I will share with you right here on this blog so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I made.

Truth is, I may not have reached the figure I set but I don’t consider the year of 2010 to be a failure. The amount of mistakes I made and the experience I gained is well worth all the effort and time that I had invested. With that experience, I now know what to and what not to do to achieve a higher rate of success. As a matter of fact, at the time of writing this post (last day in April), I have already surpass my overall income for the year of 2011!

So What Made The Difference?

I am going to go over some of the mistakes that I made in the year 2010 so that you can see where I went wrong and make changes if you are doing the same or similar things. I truly hope that I will help at least one person to get on the right track!

Here Goes:

  • I set a goal that was way above my capabilities at the time – 2010 was just my second year online as a full time internet marketer. I didn’t have all the experience and/or resources to catapult me to reach my goal. So what I am saying is, whenever you are setting a goal, set a realistic goal that will be easier to achieve. Thus when  achieve your goal, you will be more encouraged and motivated to continue.
  • I was dabbling with several different methods at the same time –  Sure nothing is wrong with diversifying and having multiple streams of income. But where I went wrong was that I didn’t master one method before moving on to the next. So again, I am saying make sure you master one method before you move on to another otherwise you will never get anywhere. Ever heard the phrase: “Jack of all trades and master of none”?
  • I never follow through with my scheduled task – Everyday I would have a set of task that I should complete for the given day. However, rarely would I ever complete 50% of what I had planned. This is one of the main reason why I didn’t achieve more on my goal. I procrastinated a lot and as a result I got very little done.

There are other little minor distractions that got in my way but the above three summarize everything. Great news is that I now know how to overcome all the above problems and get more work done. So look for a future post where I will give you some of my tips to beat procrastination and get as much work done as possible.

Where Am I Now In My Business?

As I said before, I have gained a lot of experience since last year and it has propelled me to new heights in my business. I am not yet where I want to be but I am working harder than ever. I have a system in place and I am currently tweaking it to get the best results possible. As we grow, I will share everything with you so you can also apply some of my tactics and increase your profits as well.

So you can look out for more goodies from me from now on 🙂

Also, I finally created a fan page! So If you don’t mind checking out my page and liking it. (it’s not customized with stunning graphics and what not as yet though! )

As always, I look forward to hear your thoughts and comments so don’t be shy!

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