30 Days Challenge Day #13 Update

Hey Guys,

What’s up?

I know you must be wondering what the heck is going on so I just want to give a brief update on what I have done so far. Unfortunately there is no sale as yet but things are picking up. So below I am going list some of the things I have done and some of the results:

SO completed task up-to-date:

1. Market Research Done – Click Here!

2. Keyword Research Done – Click Here!

3. Landing Page Creation Done – Click Here!

Traffic Building/ Website Promotion – On-going:

Submitted 8 Articles To Ezinearticles
In the process of rewriting these articles and submitting them to:










The above are some of the top directories. I will have one link pointing back to may ezinearticles for the targeted keywords as well as one pointing to my websites.

Here are some of the results so far:

Result #1- First, the website is already indexed in Google:

siteindexResult #2 – Some of the articles are already ranking and bringing in traffic to my website

Article #1


Article #2


Article #3


Now for the traffic to the website:

For the traffic, there is a little bit of mixed results. Why?

You see I had exposed the domain on a previous post and a lot of persons have clicked on the link. So this has caused some problems with my tracking but I just got to work with it for now since I am revealing everything. 🙂

However, take a look inside my analytics account:


So far there is no sales. There are still some activities gioing on though. Take a look below:


Now what confuses me is the analytics section:


As you can see, 132 hops, 16 hops per order form impressions as well as 8 order form impression count. Even though these are not extremely large numbers, I just can’t seem to understand why 8 persons would try to order and then back out. Just seems weird to me.

O well lets get some more numbers and see what happens.

Glad you could join me today!

I will be doing some more task and report back to you how everything is going.

Have great eve and please leave a comment and let me know what you think!




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