30 Days Challenge Day #4 Update- Market Research Results

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Today I want to share some of the information I got about my Niches from my Market Research and I also want to get into the keywords aspect of things as well.

So let us begin shall we?

Niche #1- How To Stop Sweating

** Market Lifespan – This market type is a short term long term. This means that the market will always be there but once a person has found a solution to their problem then there is not much room for more to promote more products. To be clearer, after our prospects has received a solution to their sweating disorder then they wont be looking to stop sweating anymore!

** Target Audience – Both males and females. Starting from teens all the way up to adulthood. These are people from all over the world, however we will have a larger audience from those that live in warmer climates.

*** Where are Their Hang Out Spots? – From doing some search, I dug up a few forums where most of these people hang out. I also found some questions that where quite interesting that should help me write a pre-sell for the product as well :).

I also found quite a lot of questions being asked on Yahoo Answers as well. This gives me a push to pursue this niche because I can see that a lot of persons are having a common problem :).

*** Does This Niche Spend Money? – I didn’t go through the news papers and magazines but I used the Adwords Ads as an indication that people will spend money to solve their problems

Niche #2 – How To Grow Taller

** Market Lifespan This market will also be around for a long time. Why? Because there will always be short people looking to add a few inches to their height. :). There may also be room to promote other products down the road as well.

** Target Audience – Both Males and Females. However, it seems like the will be more males being interested in growing taller. I also discovered that it is mostly teens/young adults that are interested in adding those extra inches to their height.

** Where do they hang out? – This niche seems to have way more forums than the “Stop Sweating Niche“. And I also found out a lot of questions that people are asking which will help me to promote the product better.

** Does The Niche Spend Money? – Again, I did not do the magazines etc but from the amount of adwords ads alone I can speculate that people in this niche do spend money. (hopefully I am correct lol).

Niche # 3 – How To Speak Spanish

*** Life Span Of Market- I would say that this is a long term long term market. Meaning this market will be around for a long time and you can sell to the same people over and over. For example, someone looking to learn Spanish maybe interested in learning French or some other languages. You could also market softwares to help in there grammar, pronunciation and other stuff that will assist in their leaning experience.

*** Target Audience – Both males and females

English person getting together with someone from a Spanish speaking country…

Students learning Spanish at School….

People interested in learning Spanish as a hobby

Persons visiting a Spanish speaking country for the first time…

And the list goes on..

*** Where do they Hang Out? – I found quite a few forums for this niche as well as a lot of persons asking a few questions on Yahoo Answers. Good Indication!

*** Does This Niche Spend Money? – There are several adwords Advertisers so I would say that people should spend money in this niche. As time goes by we will see but hopefully sooner than later.

Keyword Research!!!!!!


What Are Your Prospects Searching For?


You now know that there is money to be made in your selected market, but you need to also know how to get your website in front of your prospects. This means you need to know what terms people with problems, that your product caters, to are searching for.

The good thing about this is that there are numerous tools on the market today that can help you to achieve this. These tools are known as keyword tools and they keep a track of most of the keyword phrases that people uses when they are looking for information on the search engines.

They keyword tool that I use and recommend is Micro Niche Finder. It is very easy to use and also utilizes the Google database. Google is currently the largest search engine and thus will get the most searches per day so micro niche finder is the perfect keyword tool.


If you don’t have Micro Niche Finder Or Can’t Afford to get a copy, you can use my Step By Step keywords research method outlined in My Newbies Fast Cash guide on pages 23 – 30.

So I will start out with about 10 keywords for each niche that gets about 1000+ searches per month and then gradually increase the amount of keywords I target. When I am using Micro Niche Finder, I normally go for the “exact Phrase Match”. That way I know exactly what my prospects are searching for!

So here is what you should do:

1. If you don’t have Micro Niche Finder, You can get it here!

2. Type in your broad search term. For example, in my “Stop Sweating Niche” I would type the key phrase “stop sweating”. Micro Niche Finder will return all the searches that are related to those words. As a matter of fact you will also get synonyms as well.

3. Select Exact so that you get the exact number of time that exact keyword phrase has been searched for.

4. Sort in term of number of searches.

See Image below:


So now I am going to go ahead and compile my keywords. In the next post I will let you in on the keywords that I have chosen!!!!!!!!

Next Task:

1. Setting Up My Websites To Pre-sell The Products

Thank you for tuning in to this post and I look forward to your comments.

Have a great day.



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