30 Days Challenge: First Sale Wow WOOOOOOOOO

Hey Folks,

What’s going on?

Casey here with another post in the 30 Days Challenge.

To be honest, things are going slower than I have expected and is partly due to me being involved in some extra activities. 🙂

Also before I go any further, I know most of you who have been following me for a while now must know that I am from Jamaica.

Why is that important???????

Well, The WORLD ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP is going on in Berlin Germany.

And the Jamaicans are dominating the sprinting (track and field). I am soo happy. If you country is taking place I wish you all the best but……. Look out for the Jamaicans.

Now that that is out of the way lol.

Forgive me I am just so excited about my athletics.

30 Days Challenge Update:

It has been 17 Days Now since the Challenge has started and I am proud to report that the first sale is already here. Before I show you the account, let us look at what we have done so far and what we have already achieved.

1. We started with a brand new niche from scratch.  Actually it is 3 niches but I have only started on 1 so let us focus on that one for now. The niche I selected was “How To Get Rid Of Excessive Sweating“.

*** I new nothing about this niche. All I new was that some persons have a problem with excessive sweating and wanted a solution.

2. I did market research and keyword research and found out that this niche was worthwhile.

3. Got a domain name, created a presell page (landing page) to presell the product that I am promoting.

4. Write about 6 articles and submitted them to ezinearticles and a few other top article directories.

5. In the process of creating some web 2.0 properties to link to main website to get some backlinks to rank high in the search engines.

Results So Far

1. Several Articles Ranking On The First Page Of Google.

2. Website Indexed In Google and getting Traffic

3. The Moment You Been Waiting For……………………

A Sale Yahoooooooooo


More Proof That This Is From The Niche We Selected:


Time to ramp things up now……

Glad you are enjoying your time with me.

How are your campaigns doing??

Let’s Share the FUN…

Have a great eve





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