30 Days Challenge Overview: What Are Your Thoughts?

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the final post in the ‘August 30 Days Challenge’.

It has been a cool little journey if you ask me :). Though I did not complete all the task that I was suppose to do I would still like to say that this challenge was a SUCCESS!

Don’t worry, I would still like to hear your views/ Comments at the end of this post.

Now before I go any further, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been visiting, leaving comments, sending me email and all. All your comments whether they be good, bad or in between are welcome and appreciated. I would also like to say congrats to all the persons who have emailed me telling me thank you because I have helped them in some way. You guys rock and I encourage you to continue and don’t ever give up until you succeed.

Now what you have been waiting for:

Overview Of The 30 Days Challenge:

For those of you who are visiting for the very first time, let me explain what the 30 Days Challenge Was. At the beginning of August, I decided that I would take on a challenge where I expose one of my niche, my landing pages and whether or not my I could make my affiliate campaign a success. The goal was not to make x amount of sales but rather to make as much as possible :). For the challenge to be successful, it was agreed that at least one sale should be recorded. Below are the statistics for the campaign.

Niche I Focused On: How To Stop Excessive Sweating

Website: http://stopsweating101.com

Traffic Statistics For The Month Of August:


From the pic above you can see that the website got over 1365 unique visitors in it’s first month. However, those are not all targeted visitors because some of those visitors were referred by my blog. Those were people checking out the landing page :).


So you see over 211 visitors came from my blog. Therefore the amount of targeted visitors would be 1365 – 211 = 1154 Unique Visitors.

What Else Did We Achieve?

The website is indexed in Google and Yahoo and ranking for some keywords already.

Keyword: How To Stop Excessive Sweating – position 183 out of 361,000 websites. Not bad for a new domain. Just need some more high pr backlinks.


Keyword: Stop Sweating – position 285 out of 3 million websites. Not bad for a new domain. Just need some more high pr backlinks.


Now For Yahoo:

Keyword: How To Stop Excessive Sweating – Position 31 out of over 1 million results.


Keyword: Stop Sweating – Position 49 Out of 45 million results.


I am no SEO expert of the sort but if you ask me I would say those above a so so bad results. No bear in mind that the website is already ranking for several other keywords. I only mention those above because they are the main ones that we are focusing on at the moment.

So we have traffic stats and search engine ranking stats……..

The question you may be asking now is; What About Sales? Well Here are the results below:

6 Sales Totaling $150


Clickbank Hops


644 Hops, 46 Order form Impression Count, 7 Order form Submit Count and only 6 sales. If you ask me that doesn’t sound right to me. I know a lot of persons will disagree but I just can’t understand why 46 persons would read a sales letter with the price clearly stated, hit the order button and then suddenly decided not to buy. Doesn’t sound good to me! What’s also strange is that 7 persons enter their credit card details and click submit but only 6 of those were recorded as sales!!!!!!!

Well I honestly don’t know what to say but let’s look on the bright side shall we?


It is not a gazillion dollars but it still shows that if you play your cards right you will make money online. You see I have heard of people trying for years without making a single penny online.

So what did I do?

I took a campaign and make 6 sales withing 31 days. Again it is not much but is shows that with a little dedication you really can make money online. So to recap a little:

** Chose a niche – A hungry market desperate for a solution some problem they may have. In this case the problem that our market have is their excessive sweating problem. Therefore they will spend money to get rid of their problems. We just need to get our offer in front of them.

** Provide The Best Solution To Their Problems – In our case the solution was an ebook that teaches them how to get rid of their excessive sweating condition. It was one of the top products on clickbank. (not really important but just proves that it was already selling).

** Use A Pre-sell To Get Your Prospects To Buy Your Offer – This means you will try your best to get your prospect to be in a buying mood and visit your vendors page to buy the offer. Don’t try to sell to much that is not your job. Leave that to the sales page. That is one of the reason why choosing the right product is very important because you want a page that converts.

** Get Your Offer In Front Of Your Prospects – This means you must drive an army of targeted traffic to your pre-sell page. The more traffic, the more conversion/sales which equates to more money in your pockets.

So What’s Next???????

Although I didn’t get to do everything as planned, I really enjoyed this challenge and I hope you did.

So Here is The Deal:

I will continue to expose this clickbank account and take it all the way up to $1000+ per month. (I wont Stop Until I Get There Either 🙂 ). I will also get the other landing pages up as well and carry on with the promotions and reveal everything to you for free! How Cool Is That?

However I do Have  Specific Challenge For September

Drum Roll

Are You Ready For It????

It’s The ……

Article Writing Challenge…….WOOOOOOO

I am going to challenge myself to write 200 Articles for the month of September. That is an average of 10 articles per day excluding weekends. So do you think you can manage such a challenge?

Set a number that you think you can handle. Maybe 50, 30 but not less that 20 (that’s cheating lol). You can write about any niche and it doesn’t have to be one niche either because that can get boring and repetitive. So Go ahead and condition your mind for the challenge to come.

I am really excited about this because I know a lot of persons have a problem with writing articles. But remember this, if you tell yourself you can do it then you can. And whenever you don’t feel like writing, just start typing and it will come.

Thanks for tuning to my blog once more. I wish you all the best and I look forward to hearing your comments.

Have a great eve






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