30 Days Challenge Update: Sale #2 Wooooooooo!!!

What’s Up Everyone???????

It been a long while since I make a post in this 30 Days Challenge and I am really really sorry for that. To be very honest, I have done very little work for the past few days and it is mainly due to the fact that I have been caught up with the World Championships. It is no excuse but I couldn’t help but mentioning how well the Jamaican athletes have performed.

They have done exceptionally well and we as a country here in Jamaica are very proud of them 🙂

usainbolt958 jamaicagirls

Now Let’s Get To The 30 Days Challenge Shall We?

I apologize for my excitement, hope you understand 🙂

As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been doing the amount of work that I had planned for this challenge. But I still managed to get a few things done. Now below are some of the actions I have taken and some of the results that I have got.

Ok so I managed to get a few articles done:


2. I also got a blogger blog done:


Blog Also Already Indexed:


#3 I also got a hubpage done:


Also the hub is already indexed in Google:


As you can see all the properties that I have created has the keyword “how to stop excessive sweating” in them. This way I can get several listing on Google when all of them are fully optimized. Note they are also link to my main website for that keyword via anchor text. This will provide my main website with some high quality backlinks.

Some Results:

My main website is already indexed in Google and Yahoo. However it is at position 360 for the main keywords on Google.

But I am already on page 3 of Yahooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How About Some Traffic??


I must admit, not all of that traffic are targeted traffic. About 25% are people who click through from the links here on my blog. But still not bad if you ask me. What I really like as well is that fact that the bounce rate is below 50%. That means that most of my visitors are spending time to read through my presell.

The Only Problem:

I am not sure if it is a problem since it is too early and not a lot of numbers to work with. But from looking in my clickbank account, I have sent well over 300+ hops with only two sales. But there is no rush so let’s wait and see what happens!

Here are the stats below:

Analytics Section:


Transaction Section:


graph Preview:


So there you have it folks – you 30 days challenge update.

I know I have done very little work but I promise to get a lot done this week so we can achieve some more in fine style. I hope you have been enjoying the little exposure and you are learning a few tips from what I have been doing here.

Have a great eve and I wish you all the best for the rest of the week!




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