80K Update: Stats To Date And My Plans On Moving Forward

Hey Folks,

Welcome to another post in my journey to $80K in 2010. Today Just want to give you some tips to help you get your head straight when it comes to affiliate marketing and making money to support you and your family. At the end I will give you an update on my stats to date and my plans moving forward.

Now, a lot of persons are jumping head-on into affiliate marketing/Internet marketing, thinking that it will solve all their problems. I can’t blame them though because it’s all the hype and scams that are going around brain washing people telling them that they can come online and make a million bucks in no time.

While making a million dollars is possible online, these claims are the furthest from the truth. Internet marketing is just like any other business: it takes hard work, time, investments, dedication and consistent actions to work. The only difference with IM is that you have a broader audience to reach making more opportunities possible.

What You Really Need To Focus On?

If you still have your day job, I wouldn’t advice you to quit just yet. A lot of persons make the mistake of quitting their day jobs with the hope of spending more time on their online business. Don’t do this unless you are already making more in your online business than your day job. Otherwise you are setting up your self for a disaster. You see while you will have more time being at home, it is not very easy to just stay focus (unless you are super duper dedicated). The fact is, you will be your own boss and there is no one to report to therefore causing you to be more laid back some of the times. This is turn kill your work progress and most time you won’t get to complete you daily task. (I am guilty of this πŸ™ )

Get Out Of The: “Get Rich Quick Mentality”

Ok we know that the internet have created tons on millionaires and ofcourse we would want to be the next. Heck who wouldn’t want to? But the fact is, it is not going to happen overnight! Maybe not even in a year either! Maybe not even 2 years!! Unless of course one of the gurus just decide to give your their business – NOT A Chance lol

I am not trying to scare you either. I am trying to get you to look at this business as a reality and not a fair tale. This is real life folk and IM is a real business. We have to get that in our heads if we want to succeed online. Otherwise we will be fantasizing about millions and when we don’t see the millions come in we will want to quit. I Want You To Stay Strong!

Setting Your Priority Straight: What You Need To Do When Starting Out

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend online and giving her a few tips. I realized that these tips are very valuable and decide to share them with you as well. We need to know what is important and what needs to be done in order to have our business working for us. If you are just starting out or even if you have a business already working, there are some things you need to focus on first. Once you have these in tact them making a profit will be super easy.

Here Goes…….

Make Sure Your Business Cover All Your Expenses!!

Sounds simply Stupid doesn’t it?

But let me go on. At the moment, I don’t want you to focus on making 1 million dollars. Rather I want you to focus on a specific figure. What you really need and then you can go on from there. So the first thing you need to do is calculate your monthly expenses. Here is an example below: (Note: They Are Theoretical values)

Offline Expenses:

1. Electric Bills = $100 /Month

2. Water Bills = $50 /Month

3. Cable Bills = $50 /Month

4. Internet Bills = $50 /Month

5. Grocery Bills = $300 /Month

6. Car Payments = $60 /Month

7. Personal Expenses = $200 /Month

8. Personal Saving = $300 /Month

Total Offline Expenses =$1110

Online Expenses:

1. Hosting = $9 /Month

2. Membership Sites (e.gΒ  Wealthy Affiliate University πŸ™‚ ) = $39 /Month

3. Outsourcing (articles, backlinks etc ) = $300 /Month

4. Other Software Tools etc = $200 /Month

Total Online Expenses = $548 /Month

Total Overall Expenses per Month = $1658

So using the above example, all I would need to make per month is $1658 to survive. Note I have included “personal Expenses” as well as “Personal Savings“. So everything should be covered. For some people it will be more and for some it will be less. You just gotta write down and calculate your expenses.

Achieve Your Monthly Goals Before Trying to Scale Up

How in the world could I think about making $5000 per month if I can’t even make just enough to cover my basic essentials?

Do you get my point?

You need to work on getting your monthly goals first. By now I hope you see where I am getting at. Your profits MUST surpass your expenses if you want to making a decent living online. That take me back to one of my points above: If you are not making more online than your day job then don’t even think about quitting just yet.

Now To The Next Step:

How Can You Achieve Your Monthly Goal?

Ahhh this is the most important step. But guess what? I am going to leave that for the next post. πŸ™ I am sorry, Just want to build up a little suspense like in some of those series movies. Just when I get to the nice part I get “To Be Continued…”

Don’t Worry, I wont keep you waiting too long, I promise πŸ™‚

Now For My $80K Update:

I don’t know if any of you may have any doubts in your heads about my earnings that I post. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. If I lie I would only be fooling myself. I started this challenge for myself to motivate both me and you (my friends). However, today I am going to give you a screen shot of just one of my account. Just for a little social proof to give you a kick in the butt to start working hard.


Clickbank $80K Update

Earnings Up Until February 05th 2010.

Paypal Earnings – $210.40

Independent Affiliate Earnings – $67.97

Adsense Earnings – $37.58

Neverblue Affiliate Network: $240

Cx Digital Affiliate Network – $98

Clickbank Network: $4,439.45

Total Earning so far 2010 = $5,093.40

Target Remaining: $74,906.6

Days Remaining: 329

In my last post I was averaging $130 per day and now I am up to $141.00. This figure could have been more but I had some refund πŸ™ (I hate having refunds but it’s a part of the business ). SO things are picking up a bit. i am still a far way behind because I should have been averaging at least $220 per day to reach my goal. However, my plans are still in place and I just need to ramp things up.

My Plans On Moving Forward

So far most of my income is coming from affiliate marketing. One product sale and it’s done! However, my plan is to add some recurring sales to my arsenel. You know what i mean? Instead of trying to just get one sale and it stops there, I want to get one sale and then keep getting paid every month.

Another thing I want to do is to increase my adsense earnings. As you can see from above my adsense is close to ZEROO if you ask me lol. So I intend to get at least 4 sites up per month that should make me at least $1-$5 per day passive in a few weeks time. (I’ll let you know how that goes).


I have been getting a lot of emails from folks asking me if it is worth it to Join Wealthy Affiliate. So I have started a review here: Wealthy Affiliate Review. However, I am not done yet. I want to give you the full details as I am not here to play guru and get you to join a membership that is not right for you. So when I am done with the review, I will let you know and then you decide if it is right for you.

I guess that’s it for now! I will keep giving you more tips and keep you updated.

As always I welcome your comments: thoughts, critiques or whatever. lets get to know each other some more and make 2010 our best year o date!

To your success!


PS. Note that some links on this page may or may not be affiliate links. This means that should you join through any of the affiliate links, I may or may not be compensated a commission.


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