What’s up Folks?

This is Casey Gentles here and I first want to welcome you to my blog.

On this page I just want to give you a little info about who I am and how I got started in internet marketing. Hopefully you will not only learn from me but you will also be motivated to strive to succeed in this ‘Dog-Eat-Dog’ world of internet marketing!

So Here Goes……….

Ok, So you already know my name so onto more important stuff 🙂

** Who Am I And Where Am I From?

I am a regular guy who live in the cool Island of Jamaica. That’s right, I am no guru and neither do I claim to be one. I graduated from University in November of  08 with a BSc in Chemistry/Molecular Biology. At that time I was not so proficient in Internet Marketing. This is partly because I had to be focussing on school. So when I graduated I had to start the whole Job Hunting……


Things were not going as I wanted. You see I went to one interview and I know I did pretty well. I had all the qualifications and all and I nailed the interview. So I went home feeling Like I got the job. However a few weeks past and I didn’t got a call from the company! So I decided to give them a call and ask what was the situation.

And you Know What?

They had given the job to another person and didn’t even have the guts to call me and let me know. I was sitting and waiting all along and if I didn’t call them then… You Know. That’s when it hit me! Whay don’t I just focus on Internet Marketing and make it work for me instead of trying to work for someone…….

* * How Did I Got Started In Internet Marketing?

It’s very funny actually 🙂 You see did not go searching for methods on how to make money online like most people do. Internet marketing actually found me. Here is how:

I used to download movies and softwares via file sharing websites. (Shhhh I didn’t say that 🙂 ) However one day I came across a website which I could get one part of the file but I had to pay to get the remainder of the download. Now at that time I had no cash whatsoever to make purchases online.


When I had downloaded one section of the file, there was a notepad document with the title “how to make money online for free”. At that time I didn’t pay much attention to the file as I thought it was impossible lol.


A few weeks later I was browsing my files on my pc and came across the notepad file again. So this time I decided to read through and see what it was really about. The document was about signing up to PTC (get paid to click) websites and viewing some advertisements for 30 seconds and then getting paid 1 cent for each ad you view. Not only that but when you get others to sign up through your link you also get 1 cent for each add the view as well.

So you know what I did?

I tried to get all my friend to sign up through me and I would tell to click click and click while I click click and click. After a few weeks  I made a whopping $20 bux. Yes all of twenty dollars lol. But That $2o dollars made me see the light that it was really possible to make money online.

** When Did I Found Out Where The Real Money Is?

While browsing the advertisements on the ptc sites, there were people who were advertising the free report (to build their list) and so I signed up to as much as I could possible can Until one day I found the famous Bum Marketer- Travis Sago and signed up to his course.  His course thought me how to make money through affiliate marketing without spending a dime. That’s when I saw the real light. After following Travis’s course, within one week I had my first affiliate sale and abuot 3 days the next.

And the Rest is History…

** How Can I Help You?

I have created this blog to share as much info as I can to help you succeed online as well. I know it is not as simple as most people say it is but at the same time with a little bit of dedication you can make it. I invite you browse around and make use of all the info on my blog as I use all the tips and strategies to grow my online business myself.

Have a great experience folks