American Air Jet: Miracle Flight 331 Crashes In Jamaica Dec. 22

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It is about 6:05 am here in Jamaica now and I have to make to “Breaking News Blog Post”. Its been reported that at approximately 10 pm December 22, 2009 The American Air Jet – Miracle Flight 331 Overrun the Run Way and Crashed into nearby roads. This plane was on it’s way from Miami and was supposed to land in Kingston Jamaica at the Norman Manley International Airport. The Great news at this point is that NO ONE WAS KILLED!

With 3 days before Christmas (Officially), a lot of persons have a lot to give thanks for. With more than 125 passengers and flight officials on board American Air Jet: Miracle Flight 331 there was no fatality reported. The Jamaica emergency response team has done a great job of getting on the scene as quickly as possible. They provided air flight via helicopters and other means of transport to get those with injuries to the hospital as soon as possible.

American Air Jet: Miracle Flight 331

American Air Jet: Miracle Flight 331

Cause Of The Accident:

It is not sure what is the exact cause of the accident at this time. We don’t know if the pilot got into any difficulties or anything like that. What we do know is that it was very rainy and the runway would have been very wet. We can only speculate that because of the wet run way the plane was unable to stop where it was suppose to and thus over run the run way.

Crash Update: American Airlines Boeing 737 Plane Broke Into 3

I wasn’t at the accident seen but according to local news officials, the plane is reported to be broken into 3 parts. The Jamaica Observer newspaper reported 40 injured passengers but did not give details about their condition. CNN said four of the passengers were in serious condition. “The injured passengers have been taken to the Kingston Public Hospital,” Jamaican information minister Daryl Vaz told the Jamaica Observer. “There are no reports of fatalities.”

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