Are You Getting Enough Traffic To Your Websites?

Traffic is a big concern for a lot of internet marketers especially those who are just starting out.  The fact is, without traffic now one will see your website and thus you will make no money online. However, your traffic problems are about to be solved. I this post I am going to give you some tips and strategies that you can start applying to your online business now to flood your websites with targeted traffic.

Now forgive me for the simplicity of everything but I am not going to assume that any of my readers know much about website traffic. Therefore I am going to breakdown everything as much as I possible can.

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What Is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is basically the “human” visitors that lands on your website. I say human because there are various softwares that will show up in any tracking mechanism you have as visitors. Now these are of little importance because a software can’t spend money and buy from you.

How To Get Traffic To My Website?

There are many ways to get huge amount of visitors to your websites everyday. It all breaks down to two major categories:

1. Paid Website Traffic

2. Free Website Traffic

Today I will focus on Free Website Traffic. Maybe some other time we can talk about paid methods.

The first thing I suggest is that you install some tracking mechanism to your web pages so that you can see where your traffic is coming from. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tracking mechanism and it is free. You can get step by step instructions on how to set up everyting on Google itself so I wont go into that here.

Tip #1- Seo (search engine optimization )

This is the fist step to getting quality traffic. You have to optimize your website/blog or your money pages for specific keywords so that they can be found when someone search for those specific keywords. You can check out this post on how to get the right keywords.

Search engine optimization is divided into two main categories. They are On page search engine optimization (on page seo) and off page search engine optimization (off page seo).

One page optimization

This basically means whatever you do on your website itself to make it search engine friendly. This involves:

  • Placing your keywords in the title of your website or blog
  • Placing your keywords in the Description Of your website or blog
  • Having a good keyword density throughout your webpages
  • Using LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords – these are keywords relating to your main keywords
  • Having good internal linking structure
  • Making sure your website has lots of quality original content.

That is the summary of it. You may hear a lot of stuff about on page optimization in a lot of forums but this is basically what you need to do to make your websites or blog search engine friendly.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is basically what you do off your site to make it search engine friendly. Here is what that means: In order to get your site ranking high on the search engines, you will need to have other related websites linking to yours (backlinks). This way the search engines will see that your website or blog is important. It is also important to get other authority websites to link to yours as their links will be most valuable.

Of page optimization and be both naturally or induced. By naturally, some persons may visit your website and like the content and link to your website from theirs. By induced I mean that you will literally have to go and search and build links to your website.

So that is basically it for off page optimization; getting a ton of high pr, related authority links back to your website.

Tip #2- Getting Traffic From Articles

Articles are one of the most popular methods of getting traffic to your websites. It has been around for a very long time and won’t be going away any time soon. You see people are constantly searching for information and so you will have to keep providing them with fresh content.

So How Does Article Marking Works?

In summary, you write an article on a topic, submit it to a top article directory with a link back to your website. Now if your article is very informative and of a high quality then when someone reads it, they will more than likely want to click the link through to your website.

Here are some important factors to note:

1. Do proper keyword research. This means that you should write your articles around topics that people are searching for.

2. Make your Article Titles Captivating. As you must know, there are literally thousands of people submitting articles everyday. So what make some want to click on yours? Get The point?

3. Have A Strong Call To Action In Your Resource Box. Most article directories will allow you to have a link back to your website in the ” resource box” or “about the author” box. This is where you will sell your website to get someone to click through to your page. So you must tell your readers to do just that otherwise they will read the article and just click away.

Tip #3- Using Forums For Traffic

Forums is another way to get targeted traffic if used in the correct manner. There are lost of forums on almost every topic you can think of. Just go to the search engines and type in “your topic + forums” and you should see a ton of them.  Most forums will allow you to have a link in your signature to your website.

Rule of thumb, never go to a forum just to get traffic! Instead participate in the conversations that are taking place. Give help where you can as well as ask questions. After you are on the forum for a while, you will build up trust among the other members and they will want to check out your websites.

Tip #4- Getting Traffic From Videos

This may sound a bit challenging to most people but it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is to get a screen capture software and make a powerpoint presentation of your articles that you have already done. Read them out and at the end provide a link to your website.

Videos are getting very popular these days and can really provide a lot of traffic if you submit them at the right places. Some of these places are,, myspacevideos and a ton more.

Here are some important factors to note:

  • 1. Place your keywords in the title of your videos
  • 2. Add a link to your website first thing in the description of the video. This way someone can click through to your website without having to type your address in their browser.
  • 3. Speak Clearly So that your viewers can hear whatever you are saying.
  • 4. Always provide a link to your website before and at the end of the video.
  • 5. Once your videos are approved, bookmark them on as many social bookmarking sites as possible.

Tip #5- Get Traffic From Blog Commenting

Depending on your website’s topic, you can visit other related blogs and leave comments. (NEVER SPAM) You can go to other blogs and read them and leave comments based upon what you have read. A good thing to do is to look for high traffic blogs and subscribe to them. This way once the owner makes a post, you will be informed and so you can leave your comment as soon as possible. Doing that will get your comment more exposure so that other persons will see it and click through to your websites.

What Are You Suppose To Do Now?

This post have been a long one! However, you should now have a direction as to where to go. Everyone of the methods above are proven to drive crazy amount of traffic to your websites. It should be noted though that this is not a one time process and you will have to be consistent if you want to have a constant flow of traffic to your websites.

What is traffic to you?

Only you can tell! It may be more sales or more leads but whatever it is to you, you need it so start taking action now!

I hope you enjoy this post and I wish you all the best with your traffic.

Please feel free to leave a comment and speak your mind

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