Are You Preparing For The Holidays?

Hey Folks

What’s uppppp?????

I know you have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new blog post from me!

But I am really sorry for the delay. It’s about 2 monthss since my last post right? Yes I think so!

I assure you, I did not forget about you. I was really busy trying to meet some goals as well as getting other things done. So please accept my apology for the delay.


So What Have I Been Up To?

Well September was a tedious month. Some days were boring as hell and some were really productive.

The articles challenge was hectic I must say. Some days I had no  zeal to write and some days I wrote as much as 20 articles to keep up. Now it’s been several weeks and I can’t tell when last I wrote an article since the challenge.

Results For The Article Writing Challenge

The articles were spread across several niches and across several Author names as well. I got into a few new niches and they are slowly coming on. I haven’t done anything to them in a while and sales are still coming in. (the power of articles ).

Most of the articles got some rankings while some has fallen of the face of the earth. I really need to get some backlinks to them and make them stick. Lot’s of work! But I have been working in some upcoming projects and can’t find the time as yet to backlink the articles. Now I wont go do all the articles. Instead what I will do and what you should do as well is to go inside my ezine account, look on the better performing articles and backlink those. By better performing I mean the ones that get most views and the better CTR’s.

Overall the Article Writing challenge was a great experience. It has pushed me and that was good!

So did I get 200 Articles?

Honestly No 🙁 But I managed to get about 161 done. I had some set backs throughout the month that prevented me from getting all to the 200 Mark. Overall I am happy though because it it was not for the challenge I wouldn’t have pushed myself so far.

Now New Stuff – Are You Preparing For The Upcoming Holiday?

Yes the holidays are coming and a great opportunity to make some sweat cash! Remember in the Christmas holidays, people really spend a lot of money to buy gifts for family and friends. I do it so I know! It’s the time of the year when people go into their bank accounts and take out a some just to make their family members happy.

So How Do We Come In A Internet Marketers?

We need to get in front of these people and give them exactly what the are searching for. Take for example an couple with two children. Think a bit……..

What would they want at this time of the year?

Maybe, just maybe they would want free gift coupons!

Or Maybe the couple need ideas for gift for their partners!

How about discount codes for products online!

I am just thinking out loud but you should get your creative juices flowing. What would you want this time of the year? Look around, take note of what people are buying in the stores and what is getting a lot of media attention for the holiday season. There are a lot of stuff out there folks and you just need to grab a little piece.

Want To Get Some Super Targeted Products? – CPA is the Place To Start!

I have been getting into CPA and I love it a lot trust me. Now clickbank is still being great to me but here is what I like about CPA.

1. Most of the products only require a person to sign up for a trial period and I get payment anyways.

2. The products converts like crazy (Up to 40% conversion on some offers from free traffic – Crazy )

3. Some offers only require an email submit and I get up to $3.00 per lead

4. If I am doing well with some offers I can get a higher payment – I just speak with my affiliate manager

5. There are a ton of offers for you to promote.

Right now you can get into some CPA networks and make some sweat cash for the Christmas. Seriously you need to act now!

Here are my 2 favorite CPA Networks

You can apply now and start promoting products as soon as you are approved.

1. CX – Digital Media


>> Click Here To Sign Up <<


2. Neverblue Network


>> Click Here To Sign Up <<

How To Get Approved To These CPA Networks

This is where a lot of person have problems. A lot of persons think it is super hard to get approved into cpa networks but it really isn’t so hard.

Here is the process:

1. Make sure that everything you fill out on the application form is the correct information and not made up. Make sure you also remember what you had written of the form because someone will call you to interview you and cross reference your info (more on that later)

2. Make sure you fill in a website – If you don’t have a website create a free blog and put up some info and list that on the form.

3. After you fill out the form, they will have someone call you within 24 – 48 hours to do a short interview with you. (Nothing to be scared of). First thing, you must be super confident in yourself even if you are a newbie. You need to prove that you are not some joker but you want to start making some real cash. Try to answer all the questions as honest as possible and everything should be ok. Just pretend that your interview is a pre-sell but only this time you are selling yourself lol. get what I mean?

So go ahead and apply and I wish you all the best!

Have A Great day



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