Can I Make $80,000 In 2010? Follow Along With Me!

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Now since this is my first post in 2010, let me first say:


I wish you and your family a prosperous 2010. I also hope all your dreams and aspirations will be fulfilled.

Now let me get down to business….

First I want to say 2009 was a great year for me. Honestly, there were a lot of ups and downs.  I wont list them here as I try not to focus on the negatives. But trust me, there were a lot! Some of my close friends can attest to that!

2009 was my first full year of Internet Marketing and I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I still have a lot to learn but I will take it step by step. So after analyzing 2009, and have now device some strategies to work toward a new goal.

Goal: To Make $80,000 in 2010!!

This may seems like a lot to some folk or like a tiny amount to some. But for now that is my goal. The thing that you must realize is that everyone is different and everyone should set their own goals that they think they can achieve. Note, you must set your goal to give you a challenge, something that you know is possible/withing your reach but that you have to work hard to get to. Understand?

The next thing you need to do is to break down your goal into smaller bits and pieces.. So here is my goal broken down:

1. $80,000 In one year = $80,000 in 12 months:

2. Average per month should be: $80,000/12 = $6,666.67 = $6,667

3. $6,667 in one month = $6,667 in 30 days on average.

4. Average per day = $6,667/30 = $222.23 = $223 per day.

SO in order for me to Make $80,000 in 2010, I will have to consistently make $223 per day. I think that is pretty achievable and I know I can do it. The thing is, how am I going to go about it?

Very important: Make A Plan Of Attack

Have you ever heard the saying: “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail“?

That saying is so true! You see if you don’t have a road map then you will get lost and there is no question about that. So the same goes for any goal you want to achieve. You will also need to break down your task into small chunks so that they can be easily acheived. Otherwise, you will have a bulk of task facing you and you will get distracted, or even give up before you get close to reaching your goal.

So how do i plan to get to may goal of $80,000 in 2010 or $223 per day consistently?

1. Firstly: Sleep less and work more… Haha as I typed that I had to laugh 🙂 But if you knew me, you would understand. I sleep so often, I think sleep is going out of style. So in order for me to reach my goal, I will have to be more productive..

2. Make a time table: yes you can work all you want but if you are not doing it in a orderly manner you will find that you miss some task or you may end up not getting some ‘important’ stuff done!

3. Offer more help to people: this one may seems a little stange, but the other day, I watch a video with Tony Robins and I learned of the saying: You can get whatever you want if you help as much other persons get what they want. I believed it!

4. Invest my profit – If you want to explode your income, you will need to reinvest some of your profits. (Not All Of it lol) Pay someone to do some of the tiresome work for you will you focus on other stuff! This is going to be a big part of my success for 2010.

5. Focus On What Works And Master It Before Moving One: Ahhh I now a lot of persons have a problem here. I get so many emails everyday from some of my subscribers– about how to stay focus, how to keep motivated etc etc. My answer is, find a technique that you know work, get it to work for yourself, tweak it to work to it’s fullest potential before moving on to a new technique.

Just remember there are no magic to success! Just ask everyone that are already successful and the will tell you. You need to work hard and SMART to get to where you want to reach. It may take a short period of time for some and a very long time for others but you will find it is worth the wait!

A More Detailed Plan Of Attack:

Ok, so I know you are wondering what am I really going to do to make $223 per day. Is It PPC, SEO or whatever? So let’s see what i am really going to do so you can join along:

1. Article Marketing – This is work tremendous for me in 2009 and so it will be on the top of my list for 2010. I am constantly tweaking my article marketing technique to get maximum benefits and I will update you in another post as to what I am currently doing so you can get involved as well.

2. SEO – Yep this is also paying off so I am going to put a lot of effort into this as well. You know nothing is sweeter than having a website on the first page getting a lot of organic traffic for some ‘sweet money keywords’.

3. Forum marketing – I haven’t done much of this in the past but I think I am leaving a lot of cash on the table. So I will be giving this some effort and ofcourse I will keep you updated throughout my journey.

4. Video Marketing – I have done very little in this area in the past and it was a success. SO I am going to bump it up some more in 2010. (Focus on what works)

5. Answer Marketing – yes this work great if you know how to do it. You see, people have problems and they are looking for answers. So if someone ask a question and you answer it in the right way and recommend a great product, you will make sales. Not only that, there may be a ton of other persons with the same problem and will buy on your recommendation.

There are some other techniques I want to get into such Social Marketing, Press Release, Banner Ads, PPV and some others. However, I am going to focus on the above first and as time progresses I update you about what i am doing.

Websites/Blogs/ Landing Pages/ Direct Linking – What Am I Doing?

This post is getting rather long, so I will have to leave all these details for another post. I know this is something that most people need help with so I will try my best to shed some light on this area.

Tools I Use/ Will Use To Help Me Reach My Goal:

1. Wealthy Affiliate University– A monthly membership site with other like minds who are willing to give each other a helping hand along the way. Also they provide all the keyword tools, clickbank research tools, a training center, article marketing course, ppc for beginners and and advance marketers and a ton of other stuff. It’s too much to list here so I will make a review in another post. You can join wealthy affiliate through this link >> Click Here!

2. Warrior Forum – (FREE) – Also a community where there are a ton of folks willing to give you a helping hand. If you have no start-up capital and want to learn how to do internet marketing then the warrior forum is your place to start. You can join the warrior forum here >> Click Here!

3. Micro Niche Finder >> Keyword tool that help me to uncover some hot low competition keywords that I can easyly rank for. Highly recommended. You Can Get Micro Niche Finder Here >> Click Here!

Statistics Up To Date:

It just came to me today January 10, 2010 to start blogging about my objective. I realize in the process, I will be able to inspire and help others along the way as well as get motivation and inspiration from others. Now so far in the year I have been doing little and here are my stats below:

Adsense Income: $8.24

Paypal Payments: $68.77

Neverblue Affiliate Network: $120

Clickbank Network: $1,455.12

Total Earning so far 2010 = $1,652.13

Target Remaining:  $78,347.87

Days Remaining: 355

That’s it for today! Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Please feel to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Have a great Day/ Week/ Year


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