First Update On My 80K Goal – Article Marketing Tips

Hey Folks,

Wazzup, How You Doing?

I am doing great so far. Today I just want to give you a brief update and some ideas as well as tips with regards to what I am doing. Also at the end of the post I will give you and update with regards to my earnings so far.

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Enough Chit Chat …….

In my last post, I told you about some of my plans to get to my goal by the end of the year. One of my main technique is Article Marketing. Now I have been testing a lot of stuff (and still testing) to know exactly what I want to achieve. So here is it:

In order to reach $80,000 by December 31st, I would have to be averaging a minimum of $223 per day. Now when I look at the products that I have been promoting or plan to promote, they average out to be about $25 per sale. So the number I will be working with is $25 per sale.

So $223/25 = 8.92 ==> 9 sales per day.

So how do I plan to achieve that with articles?

Looking at it now, it seems as if it will be so easy lol but we all now that theory never works out as is in practice. So things will differ and I will have to change some stuff in accordance.

So for now here is my plan:

For each of the niches I am in, I will try to get at least 5 Articles for a highly searched competitive keywords on the first page of Google while still targeting long tailed keywords with other articles. However, I will focus more on back linking the main articles until they hit the first page of Google.

Yes you read right!

After doing some testing, I realize that if you put in the work you can achieve anything. Think about it, all you need to do is a little more work than your competitor and you can achieve much. (Now just remember that this is not Gospel so don’t take my word for it – I will be testing and keeping you updated along the way so you will know what works for me).

Why Would I want To Target Competitive Keywords?

Because that is where the money is. Over the last few months, I have had some articles hitting the first page of Google for some competitive keywords and the results were amazing. So if you hit the right spot with the right keywords, I will be able to make my goal.(Too bad I allowed those articles to fade away 🙁  and have to start over again.)

Article Marketing Tips:

Having an article on the first page means nothing if you/I cannot convert that traffic into cash.

Understand what I am saying?

That means, you need to spend some time and get the article done properly. I have always heard a lot of people saying they can get and article done in 5- 10 minutes. Good for them! I say, if you have spend more time to get your article done properly then do it. To be honest, I am guilty of telling people to rush out an article but things and times have changed. Please spend the time to write high quality articles that not only grab your readers but also make them take action to do whatever you want.

1. Start Out With Good Titles – Ask yourself these questions: Why Should someone read your article? What makes your article stands out from the next person? Does your article title speaks to a burning desire of your prospects?

All in all, your article titles should aim to provide a solution to whatever problem your prospects have. That means, if someone searched for your keywords and your article comes up on the first page of the search engines let’s say in position #3, they should click yours first because of the pull you have on them.

2. Have A Good Description – Most of the article directories allows you to have a description for your articles. Your description should be captivating as well. I recommend it be a summary of your article – more like an abstract. You see most of the time your articles comes up the search engines often take the description from your articles to show up under the titles. (Not always though). So whenever this happens, it also increases your click through rate.

3. Speak To One Person In Your Article Body – Instead of trying to appealing to everyone, try to focus on one person who may be having the problem you are addressing. Also be creative in your writing, tell stories, refer to movies or whatever you can do to keep your audience on your article. This is very important because if you lose one person that is a potential sale. You aim  is to have your readers reading through until they reach your resource box where they can click over to your money pages to finalize the sale.

4. Have A Strong Call To Action In Your Resource Box – This is where you will invite your prospects over to your website/money pages. Be creative, don’t copy or follow someone else because their resource may not necessarily work for you. Just remember if you have your reader all the way down to your resource box then you have done good so far. You just need to continue flowing and help them make a smooth transition over to your site.

As I said earlier, article marketing will be one of my main techniques to get to my goal. As I go along, I will give you some tips as to what works for me and what doesn’t. I will try to be as detailed as possible so that you may get as much benefit as possible to help you achieve your income goal as well.

Earning Update To Date:

The following stats are up until January 14, 2010.

Paypal Earnings – $138.25

Adsense Earnings – $17.56

Neverblue Affiliate Network: $120

Clickbank Network: $1,869.90

Total Earning so far 2010 = $2,145.40

Target Remaining: $77,854.60

Days Remaining: 350

As you can see, I am behind at the moment. However, I am not worried about it because all my plan has not yet gone into action. Stay tuned, more stuff will be coming your way very soon. BTW  Don’t For Get To Leave A Comment 🙂

Have a great day


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