Getting Back On track With My 80K Goal

Hi Folks what’s going on?

It’s been a gazillion years since I last updated my blog and let you guys know what I have been up to. Sadly, more than half the year has gone and I am barely heading towards quarter of my goal. I know that is very bad 🙁

Honestly, things have not being going the way I want them to. I have drifted for my norm to focus mainly on SEO for the long term. Now while that is a good thing to do, it is very slow and If I am suppose to achieve or go anywhere near my goal, I will have to change things up drastically.

So what Are My Plans Moving Forward?

I Am Going The Start With This Blog!

Firstly, I am going to spend some time on this blog. I am going to start promoting it, update it regularly and get it to earn me at least $1000+ monthly. Right now it is a dead beat lol. The traffic is little to none so you know it earns little to nothing. I am not saying I am going to be a pro blogger but I will be doing some new stuff in the near future to help out everyone.

As you can see, this blog has a wealth of information for anyone looking for tips and strategies to make money online. And my goal is to up my game. It makes no sense if someone visit my blog and leave with nothing worthwhile to them.

Focus On My Own Products

Currently I Have 3 products in the clickbank market place outside of the IM niche. However, they have very low gravity because I never took the time out to recruit some affiliates. These are awesome products and just need a little push. SO I am planning on getting some affiliates and adding some great bonuses for everyone as a little ‘bribe’ to promote my products 🙂

Diversify My Income Streams

Currently my main income stream is promoting affiliate products through clickbank. I have a few cpa products that I am promoting every now and then as well. Honestly though, I hate promoting cpa products because they are not stable. I focus mainly on free methods and sometimes it pains to build up a website, get good traffic and a few leads and just when you are ready to scale things up they pull the offer 🙁


I am planning to do some other stuff on the side. Like create more of my own products as well as develop some adsense sites in micro niches. These sites will take time to build up but once they are there they will be some good money makers. I am trying to think smart and for the long run as well. The difference with these sites, is that they will be in niches where the competition is very little and so ranking will be very easy. They may not get that much traffic but when you have a ton of them it all adds up. For example, I am looking to have a ton of these sites that makes anywhere from $2 to $5 per day. This may seem very little but imagine having 30 sites making $2-5 per day on autopilot.

On the low end that is $2 x 30 sites x 30 = $1800 per month

On the high end that is $5 x 30 sites x 30 = $4500.

The only problem is that they take some amount of time to build up. However, when I reach to a level I where I am comfortable with their performance I will outsource most of the work while I focus on other stuff.

So what Are My Immediate Plans?

Right now I am going to get back on my game which is mainly article marketing. SO now I am going to split things up into 3 portions. Article marketing 50%, SEO 25% and Adsense micro sites 25%. Now the aim is to work smarter and not harder.

Now is time to get to work so stay tuned for my $80K update and I try to get things back in order.

Thanks for visiting and I wish you all the best.

God Bless


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