Happy New Year: Will 2012 Be Your Year For Success?

Well folks, a new year is here again… Right now I just want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a fantastic new year and I hope that all your dreams and aspirations will come true this year. 2011 was a year with lots of ups and downs but thank God we have made it thus far and we know we can make it beyond.

2011 Year In Review


Last year was a very dull year for me on this internet marketing blog. I made very few post and I rarely updated my blog which is very shameful of me. Over the years I have grow a small following but it has soon died down as a result of me not being active an offering my service to help others succeed online. This year promises to be a whole lot different and I promise to be with you every step of the way.

With regards to 2011, I didn’t set any specific goals at the start of the year.. However, 2011 has been my best year online since I start back in 2008 which is fantastic as I am seeing progress in my online business. When it comes to creating a business whether online or offline, growth is very important. So I am very glad that I am seeing growth in my business.

What I Learned In 2011?

The most important lesson I have to say is that I learned that taking action is vital to the growth of my business. Truth be told, at any time of day I have a gazillion ideas in my head that could potentially make me rich. But as you can imagine, without taking action I’d never know how well those ideas can materialize.

I know this may sound a bit cliche to you as we hear those two words ( TAKE ACTION) over and over. But how many times have you really obeyed and really settle down and put in some serious work in your online business?

Let me give you a specific example and one that you can relate with I hope;

Several months ago I was just browsing around as I was quite bored – which was a regular occurrence for me :). Anyways I decided to just use my time and check out a few potential niches that I could get in and possibly add some more passive income to my down-line. So I went to a CPA network and started browsing some of the offers they had available.

Low and behold I came across and offer that had an epc (earnings per click) of over $2 and was paying over $40 per lead. The landing page looked like one that would convert so I decided I would do some keyword research to see if I could find some lucrative buyers keywords that I could rank for using the strategies I teach in my revolutionary SEO Ranking System.

Within a couple minutes I found two keywords that had super low competition and were highly targeted. I know this because these keywords had the product name in them. Ofcourse I wont be telling you which niche or which product because I am still running that campaign to date.

To cut a long story short, with very little effort, I wrote up a review and put up a website. Over the course of about a week I added 10 more articles to the site and did a few more steps of my SEO Ranking System method.


In about a months time I was ranking #1 for one of my keywords and #2 right under the products site for the next. Those keywords got less than 2K searches combined but I was still able to generate $300+ per month from that one site with no additional work. That site is still generating income to date and I haven’t touch it since.


If I had not taken action then I would not have added a $300+ per month passive income to my business. In total it only took me a few hours to set everything up and that website is basically running on autopilot now. So I beseech the to take a good look at your online business, make a plan and take the necessary ACTION STEPS to make that plan a reality so you can achieve your dreams.

Goals/ Objectives For 2012

The first thing I must say is that I wont be setting an income goal rather than saying I want to do a whole lot better than I did in 2011. I have set income goals before and I failed even though I learned a lot while attempting to achieve that goal. Back in 2010 I openly announced that I wanted to make $80K for that year but I didn’t. You can read about why I failed here.

So with that being said, here are some of things that I will be taking action towards achieving:

1. Growing My Email Lists

I’ll be focusing on building two types of list. One list to offer my free stuff and the other list will be the ones that have bought stuff from me.  SO by December 31st, I would like to have at least :

  • 6,000 subscribers on my freebie list which is approximately 500 per month.
  • and I would like to have at least 2400 subscribers on my buyers list which is about 200 per month.

Both of these goals are very achievable with the measures that I will be putting in place.

2. Getting More Social

I hate to admit that I haven’t been up to date the likes of facebook, twitter etc. So it’s my objective to start building relationships with people and helping them to grow their online businesses in whatever way I can using the social platforms available. Right now I have a fan page with just about 60+ fans. It’s my aim to grow that naturally (no buying of likes etc) to about 2,000 by year end. I am sure I can do so much better but I want to set realistic goals which ofcourse I can alter as time goes by to achieve a higher rate of success in my business. I also have just over 50 twitter followers which I hope to take to at least 3000 by December 31st as well.

By the way, you can like me on facebook here and you can follow me on twitter here!

3. Create At Least 3 Products

I have heard it over and over that creating your own products is by far one of the best ways to become highly successful online. Sure you can make money as an affiliate – I do and I love it! However, in order to get into the minute percentage of those who really make it big online, you need to have your own products with your own sales funnel. After all, that’s the only way to build up your list of buyers. These ofcourse will be high quality products that WILL help persons to get over whatever problems they maybe having. I hate when I buy crappy products so I Would NEVER put out anything that isn’t of quality.

4.  Help More People

I have to admit that This one takes up a whole lot of time but I enjoy doing it. I get emails on a daily basis from persons who are having problems understanding all different kinds of stuff when it comes to marketing online. However, when I help them I feel so good about it and what’s even better is when they take action on the steps I gave to them and come back later to share their success. That my friend is gold :).

What are your plans for 2012?

I know this post came later than it was originally planned due to a lot of offline stuff and what not. But am sure you still have your dreams, aspirations and resolutions to achieve by year end. So why not share them so that we can encourage one another and strengthen each other as time goes by.

Without further ado, let me take the time out to wish you a wonderful, happy, prosporous and wealthy 2012 and I sure do hope that we all achieve everything that we desire for this year.

God Bless you




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