How To Create A Landing Page: 30 Days Challenge Day #10

Hey And Welcome to another post in the 30 Days Challenge!


Things are starting to pick up now because…….

My first Niche Website is up and running!!!!!!!!

In the last post I focused on keyword research and I chose the keyword “How To Stop Excessive Sweating” For my main keyword to rank for at the moment. Now here is the deal once I rank for that keyword, the site will gain some authority and then it will be even more easier to rank for other keywords.

The Idea is to take everything One step at a time to get things done correctly.

Now before I get into what I have done, and how I have prepared my landing page (pre-sell page), I want to give you some tips that you can use to create your own landing pages for whatever niches you may be in.


Creating Your Pre-Sell Page/ Landing Page

It is very important to note that your Pre-sell page is they key to your success in Affiliate Marketing. Regardless of where your visitors came from to your landing page, if they are not convinced about the product you are promoting then they are going to click away and the chances of them coming back to your website is very very slim.

So with that being said, your pre-sell page needs to be very captivating and convincing.

If not then your will be sending a truck load of traffic to your website and still you won’t be making much dough!. Is that What You Want? I don’t Think So 🙂

Note: I am no Copywriter so just bare with me  as I go through some simple steps to creating a good pre-sell to warm up your visitors.

How to Create A Landing Page That Converts

Below are some exerps taken from “The Newbies Fast Cash Guide“.

From doing your market research you would have found out that your prospects have a problem or desire that needs a solution. Correct? Now your pre-sell page is going to give them a snapshot of how to solve the problem and point them in the direction of how to get the full solution. (Your merchant’s page)

It is important to note that it is called “pre-sell” and not “selling” page. It is not your job to do the selling. Leave that to your merchant. Your job is to warm up the prospect so that they will be in a buying mood when they get to the merchant’s page.


Steps To Take When Writing Your Presell

• Identify what are the problems that your prospects are having. For example let’s refer to the weight loss niche: A problem could be stubborn belly fat. A good way is to ask a question for example “Are You Struggling With Stubborn Belly Fat?”

Know exactly who you are targeting. If you are selling a weight loss product it would be much easier to target a specific group of people that want to lose weight rather than the general population. For example you could target mothers who want to get rid of belly fat or women who want to lose weight for their wedding day etc. The more specific you are, the better your pre-sell page will convert.

Know the Product You Are Promoting As Best As Possible– Does the product solves the problem that your prospects are having? A good way to do this would be to buy a copy. However since we are going free all the way out, I suggest that you write the owner of the product a nice letter telling them that you would love to promote their product and you are requesting a review copy. 7 out of 10 times they will say yes others may simply not reply. If you do not get a copy then you can go directly to the sales page and get a ton of information to help you to write a good pre-sell of the product.

Uncover the reasons why your prospects are having a problem. Tell them why their problem hasn’t been solved and what’s possible. For example, “the reason you have excess stomach fat is because……” However you can get rid of your stubborn belly fat and get an amazing body if you………”

Tell the prospects about the benefits of getting the product and how it will solve their problem. For example, let them know that if they get that product they can lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days. They don’t have to go to gym to workout, etc etc

Have A Call To Action. This is very important. Do not assume that your reader knows that he or she is supposed to click a link. Tell them exactly what to do. For example: “If you want to get rid of your stubborn belly fat and get an amazing body like I did using the product name then I urge you to CLICK HERE NOW!

So now that you have an idea of how to create a good pre-sell page, let’s go through my website together.

I am A Bit Nervous!!!


Well, I didn’t want to reveal my website because it may mess up my stats! However, since I am doing this 30 Days Challenge for everyone I am going to take a chance and reveal it with the hope that you (my trusted readers) wont abuse it!.

After doing a little digging, I came up with this domain:

Here is a snapshot Of What The Website/Landing Page Looks Like:


***** #1 I paid someone $15 to do the header for me. No bad I would say as some graphics persons are very expensive. I think this is a very good job, what do you think?

******#2 Note the headline. I use a question rather than making a bold statement. Why? Well let me ask you this: when was the last time you saw a question and you didn’t try to answer ir? It is for this same reason. My prospects will try to answer that burning question ans will continue to read to find out if there is really a solution to their problem.

*****# 3. Thought I don’t advise adding adsense to your landing pages, I am doing a little testing with the adlinks at the top of the pre-sell page.

*****#4. On the left handside, I have a banner of the product I am promoting and ofcourse it has my affiliate links embedde it it. I know a lot of persons like to click on images so that is there for them 🙂

*****#5 The image on the right is just a pic demonstrating the problem the prospect is having. It is just a visual to get the prospect more aware of his/her condition. This will also help to pre-sell them because it will also enlighten that that their condition is a very serious one!

*****#6 The body of the pre-sell is is a story format. It speaks about a person who suffered from the condition and found a solution after several attempts of searching.

*****#7 VERY IMPORTANT >> The Call to action. This is should be the only exit route from your site! So once someone leaves your site, they will land on your merchant’s page which is where you want them in the first place.

So that basically raps up what I have done with my landing page. Here are some other things that I have done today:

I have written 5 Artices and all of them are on the website as well.

3 Of the Articles Are Submitted To

I have bookmarked the website using and Also

So that wraps up Day # 10 of the 30 Days Challenge. Now we are on to one of the hardest part of internet mareting for most people. That is to drive targeted traffic to their websites. Tommorrow I will get really intense with my traffic building to see if my landing page converts. Hopefully it does 🙂 otherwise I will have to reconstruct!.

Once again I am really glad you could join me for this post. I look forward to hearing your comments: critique, questions or whatever. Just tell me how you think my website sucks :(.

Have a great eve



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