How To Make Money Online With Article Marketing

In my last post I gave you a brief introduction on how to make money online with article marketing. It was a general post to enlighten you about the potential and benefits of growing your business via article marketing.

In this post however, I want to get into some more details and give you more of a step by step guide that you can use right now to get more traffic and customers to your business. Also if you don’t have a business/products to promote/ your own business, I will give you some tips and ideas so you can get started right away. Shall we begin?

How To Make Money Online With Article Marketing

The first step to making money online with article marketing is to find a niche that you are passionate about or willing to learn about. As you can imagine, ‘Article Marketing‘ involves a lot of writing and so it is very important that you choose a market/niche that you will have no problem writing about. If you choose a market you have no interest in, you’ll get bored very easily and that will kill your results. I am assuming you are in this for the long haul so I recommend you get it right from the start.

How To Find A Lucrative Niche

I am not tying to insult your intelligence but just in case you don’t know, here’s a simple definition for a niche: A niche can be defined as a specific group of people, (places too) or things with a common interest, problem or characteristic/feature. This simple means that for you to find a lucrative niche, you need to find a group with a burning desire to solve a problem and are willing to spend money to solve that problem. Please note the last part of that sentence ‘willing to spend money to solve that problem‘.

The reason I point out the last part of the sentence above is because it makes no sense for you to target a niche if no one in that niche will spend money to buy products to solve their problems. This is a business for you and want to make money. Thus a bunch of freebie seekers is not exactly what you are looking for.

So how do you find a lucrative niche?

Let’s take it real deep and hopefully buy the end of this post your head will be filled with a ton of niches ideas that you can’t wait to get into.

How To Find A Niche Old School Style

Step #1 – Brainstorm – What I suggest is that you get out a sheet of paper or notepad on your pc if you don’t want to go old school style. Now just look around your house or your environment and write down as much things as possible that are sold online and that you wouldn’t have a problem writing about.

Step #2 – Newspapers/ Magazines – This is old school but it works. Just pick up your local newspaper and or magazines and flip through a few pages and write down the types of ads you see and the products being advertised. You can bet once people/companies are paying big bucks to advertise that they are making good money which means that there must be a demand for such products.

Step #3 – Local Book Stores – Think about this, people are getting lazy and lazier everyday. So if you have people visiting books stores to buy books, then just imagine the amount of people buying those kinds of books online and have them delivered right to their front door! So a good way to find a niche to make money online with article marketing is to check your local bookstores and ask what kind of books are selling like hot bread and add them to your list.

Step #4 – TV Commercials – Pay attention to advertisements that runs at prime time on your TV stations. These advertisers have already done the research to ensure that they are reaching a large audience with their products so you can bet that similar products are doing great online. Another thing you can do is to look at some of the ‘Paid Programming’ infomercials at late nights. These can give you a ton of ideas of niches you can get into.

Taking Niche Research Online

Step #5ย  – Ezinearticles Is Your Best Friend – Right now there are over 300K Authors that uses Ezinearticles. So here’s what you can do: Head over to and check out the top authors and see what niches they are in. These are authors with thousands of articles so you can bet they are making some amount of money from these niches.

Step #7 – Yahoo Answers Is Your Friend Too – With yahoo answers, you can get a feel of exactly what people want and need. People just like you and me log on to Yahoo Answers everyday to ask questions to problems that they are having. What better way there is to find a niche to make money online with article marketing?

Step #8 – Using Softwares – Niche Finder By Brad Callen. Brad Callen is a guy that puts out some amazing software on the market that has helped us as internet marketers a whole lot. This niche finder software is amazing and will help you to find some lucrative niches within minutes. Full support is provided for the software by Brad as well as tutorial videos on how to use it. You can get Niche Finder from this link.

Getting To Know Your Niche

In order to make money online with article marketing, you need to get familiar with your niche. Given all the steps above, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a niche. However, finding a niche is just one part of the puzzle. You need to get involved with the niche so you can know what problems they are having and how you can help these people who are having these problems and thus make money.

The best way to get to know your niche is to go where they are hanging out. So for example, let’s just say you wanted to get involved in the weight loss niche. Then the easiest thing you could do is to visit forums that are related to weight loss. Now the good thing about this is that not only will you find out what’s going on but since these are real people, you can develop a relationship with them and come across as an authority who genuinely want to help them.

How to you find forums related to you niche?

It’s very simple actually. Simple type in a keyword related to your niche and the use the ‘+’ sign along with the word ‘forum’.

To get more information about your niche, you can again go back to and yahoo answers and browse around to find tons of information. This will help you to identify the problems that the niche is having and then you can devise a plan of attack.

Finding A Product To Promote In Your Niche

Depending on your niche, there are various places that you can find high converting products to promote to your niche. Some of these places are:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Amazon
  3. Commission Junction
  4. Sharesale
  5. More Niche Affiliate Program

And a ton of others. Another option is to have you own product created and sell it using paypal as your payment processor or on clickbank as well. You have a variety of options to choose from ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding Keywords For Your Niche

After you have find your niche, the next step is to find some specific keywords to target. These are keywords that you will build your website around so when people search for them in the search engines they will find your website. Again, you can use a software such as Niche Finder By Brad Callen or Micro Niche Finder By James Jones. Both softwares are very good and I highly recommend them. However, if you would rather do your keyword research manually (old school style) then check out this post on how to get the right keywords.

Setting Up Your Website

Now that you found your niche and keywords you want to target, it’s time to build your website so that you can start to make money online with article marketing. The first thing you are going to need is a domain name. A domain is the name of your website and will be the address that people type in their browser bar to find your website. For example, the domain name for this site is The place that I get my domain name is They are very reliable and their customer service is superb so I highly recommend them.

Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name:

  • Choose a domain name that is closely related to your niche market.
  • Ensure that your main keyword is in your domain name.
  • If your main keyword domain is taken, you can always add a suffix or number to the end.ย  For example, I could have had or You get the point.

Getting Hosting For Your Website

Just as with your domain name, a hosting service is equally important. Hosting is actually how your website will be live on the internet. A good analogy is this: Let’s say that your website is a house, your hosting service would be the land on which your website resides.

There are various hosting services online but most of them are not reliable. When I just started out online I didn’t know much about these stuff and as a result I signed up with a fail hosting service. I wont name them here but I have had times when my website were down for over 48 hours with them. That ofcourse is not acceptable. I have since switched to Hostgator because they are one of the best on the market right now. You can sign up with hostgator via this link. Use the coupon code 25OFFPURCHASE to get a 25% discount when you sign up.

How To Install WordPress

After you have bought your domain name and hosting, you need to get your website up and running. The platform that is simplest to use is wordpress. You can install wordpress at the click of a button. Don’t even bother to worry about any form of technical stuff right now. All you need to know is that wordpress is a type of blogging platform and this internet marketing blog that you are reading now is build upon wordpress. Cool?

The video below will explain how to install wordpress on your domain.


Adding Content To Your Blog To Pre-sell Your Visitors

If you want to make money online with article marketing, you need to learn how to pre-sell your visitors. This means you need to get them warmed up so that they click to the merchant of whatever product your are promoting. Whenever they get there, they should already be in a buying mood.

When you were first doing your keyword research, you should have found several keywords. These are the keywords upon which you’ll base your content around. This is good for several reason but most importantly, you want the search engines to send you targeted traffic for these keywords.

Whenever you are writing your articles, make sure you keep your targeted audience in mind. Provide as much content as possible and genuinely try your best to help people. They will see your sincerity and follow your recommendations and buy the products you recommend.

How To Make Money With Article Marketing – Getting Traffic!

If you have reached thus far then you should be able to:

  • Choose A Niche Market
  • Learn About Your Chosen Niche Market
  • Find A Product To Promote In Your Niche Market
  • Research Proper Keywords For Your Niche Market
  • Buy And Domain And Hosting
  • Set Up WordPress On Your Blog
  • Add Content To Your Blog To Presell Visitors.

So there is one major thing left to achieve before you can start to make money online with article marketing. That is, you need your targeted audience to find your website. Remember if no one finds your website then you wont be able to make any money online at all. So this is where the power of Article Marketing really comes in.

With article marketing, the idea is to get your article distributed all across the web so that they pic up more eyeballs. The more people seeing/reading your article, the more potential they have to bring you traffic to your websites. So let’s get to some tips to help you create some stunning articles and get more traffic to your website which will do the work or pre-selling your visitors.

Article Marketing Tips For Better Articles

1. Start Out With Good Titles – Ask yourself these questions: Why Should someone read your article? What makes your article stands out from the next person? Does your article title speaks to a burning desire of your prospects?

2. Have A Good Description – Most of the article directories allows you to have a description for your articles. Your description should be captivating as well. I recommend it be a summary of your article โ€“ more like an abstract.

3. Speak To One Person In Your Article Body โ€“ Instead of trying to appealing to everyone, try to focus on one person who may be having the problem you are addressing. Also be creative in your writing, tell stories, refer to movies or whatever you can do to keep your audience on your article.

4. Have A Strong Call To Action In Your Resource Box โ€“ This is where you will invite your prospects over to your website/money pages. Be creative, donโ€™t copy or follow someone else because their resource may not necessarily work for you. Just remember if you have your reader all the way down to your resource box then you have done good so far. You just need to continue flowing and help them make a smooth transition over to your site.

Maximizing Exposure Of Your Articles (Syndication)

Now that you have a great article, you need to get it to as many places as possible. Now there is a great debate going on about duplicate content and what not and some people saying you shouldn’t submit the same articles to several directories because you’ll get penalizes etc. I tell you what, that’s utter rubbish. Think about it, when you submit articles to the article directories, other people will take those same articles (unedited) and place them on their websites as well..

So let’s get back to where we were:

Now that you have your super duper article, you can submit it to a handful of the top article directories. Some of the top article directories are:


Those are the main ones you should submit manually to. These will give you some instant traffic when the articles go live. However, another great benefit that you’ll get from these articles are the backlink juice that they will provide to help rank your blog higher in the search engines for your keywords.

The next thing you want to do is to spin your articles and submit them to as much article directories as possible while linking back to your website and the articles that are live on the top article directories that you manually submitted to. Unfortunately doing this manually can be very tedious and frustrating. Thus we will use some available softwares to make life much easier as well as get a far better result than if you were to do it manually.

Introducing Article Marketing Robot.

With Article Marketing Robot, you can submit your spun articles to thousands of directories to get instant backlinks to rank your website as well as your other articles higher in the search engines. I have to say that Article Marketing Robot is one of my best investment in my internet marketing business and I highly recommend it.

Closing Thoughts

Now you have a blueprint on how to make money online with article marketing. The objective is to take action and get the work done. The key to succeeding with article marketing is consistency. You can’t submit one article and expect to make serious money online with article marketing. You have to do it over and over and then you’ll see the sales starting rolling faster and fast.

I know this article was a long read but I truly hope you enjoyed it and that it shed some light for you with regards to making money online with article marking. Please share with your friends or anyone you think would love a blueprint to start making some money online.

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Take care and all the best.

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