How To Write Articles – Article Writing Challenge (First Post)

Hey Folks,

What’s going on?

This month is going to be a work horse! lol

If this is the first time you are visiting my blog, I just want to welcome you. Also, if you have not yet downloaded my Newbies Fast Cash Guide then you need to do so. Literally hundreds of persons have downloaded it and report that it has been responsible for their first sale! NO JOKE!

Ok Now to The September Challenge

In August I decided that I would start a challenge. I chose 3 niches (but only focused on one πŸ™ ). I revealed everything for free right here on this blog. And I was really excited and amazed with the results. Truly I am blessed and happy to know that a lot of people benefited from the challenge. Note I was not getting paid to do it either! All I want to know is that I can help someone to succeed online. You see when you succeed, I succeed as well.

Now because that challenge went well, I have decided to take up a more intense challenge. That is…

200 Articles For The Month Of September!


You read that correctly. It is a bold challenge but I know I can do it. Now bare in mind that all these articles must be written by me otherwise the challenge will be void. SO No OutSourcing For Me lol

So let’s break down that challenge into smaller bits. Always do this! It makes things seems a bit easier and will not block your mind. If you look at it as 200 articles then your first reaction will be – that’s crazy or something of the sort.


We can dig into it and make things look more enticing if you will πŸ™‚

200 Articles in 30 Days – Now let’s say we take away the weekends so we are left with 300 articles in let’s say 20 Days.

so 200/20 = 10 Articles per day!

I don’t know about you but looking at 10 articles per day seems easier to get done than looking at the bigger picture of 200 articles in 20 days. You may call me crazy if you wish lol.

Overcoming Writers Block

One of the biggest problems that most people have (Even Me) when it comes to writing articles is to actually get started. We procrastinate and always find some excuse to not start the darn articles. I know because I do it all the time. I will write the title of the articles and then bam am off to a next browser or forum of just idling. However when I am serious about business I know what to do to get my articles done. Here are a few tips:

Tip #1 – Tell yourself you can do it! Sounds simple doesn’t it? But the reality is that it is simple. If you tell yourself that it is too hard to write articles that you will never get them done. You mind will always find some excuse to verify the though of you saying it is to hard. So start out by telling yourself you can do it.

Tip #2 – Get Rid OF All Distractions. If you are married, tell your wife/husband that you are going to be busy for a few hours and he/she should not disturb. This is serious business folks. Find a spot that you are comfortable in. (If you are using a desktop computer then may the area comfortable, it’s your job). Close all unrelated browsers, sign out of your email accounts, close all chat boxes, exit all forums and just keep focus on your task that you have to complete.

Tip #3 – Write your titles. If you have 10 articles to write, write the 10 titles first. This way when you start writing the body of the articles you can save some time and just get right to the point.

Tip #4 – When you are not inΒ  the mood to write, start writing. You would be amazed to see what you could accomplish if you start start doing something. Even if you are feeling lazy, just start typing. I guarantee that with a little effort you will get the article done.

How To Write The Articles

I am no English major πŸ™‚ but I am going to try and give you a few tips that hopefully will help you to write more and better articles. Disclaimer: This is my way and may not be the best way but it works for me.

Starting with your titles

You article titles need to be captivating and grab your viewers. It is your first line of contact. If it is not captivating enough then you viewers wont click on to read the rest of the article. You and I both now what that means for us as marketers don’t we?

Here are some tips on How To Write Articles

1. Ask Question in your titles – It’s human nature for us to try and answer a question when we see one. This is especially true when it is in a category that we are interested in. Now considering that you have done proper market and keyword research, your prospect will already have an interest in the topic that you are writing about. Therefore if you article title ask a question they will want to click to find out if you have an answer!

2. Make Your Article Titles Long So That They Stand Out – Before your article is even ranked on the search engines, you will be getting traffic from the article directories. Now the problem is that there are a ton of other articles trying to get as much traffic as you are! So one way to make your article stand out is to have a longer title. This will help your viewers to see them and more prone to click on them.

3. Write A Great Introduction – If you article title was good, then you have done a great job. However it is not done yet! Now that you have your prospect on your article, it is your job to keep them reading the entire article. Remember our aim is to get the visitor to reach the resource box and click over to your website where the fun begins.

So what should you have in your introduction?

As the word suggest, you are suppose to introduce your prospect to whatever your title suggest. Let’s say you are righting about treatments for acne. You could give your prospects:

background info- what is the disease, why do they have it etc

Statistics- who is affected, males or females, is it a global crisis, etc

A Story – Create a narrative piece- Remember not all stories are real (fiction/non-fiction) so just create a story from your point of view! – Eg I was a former sufferer of acne so I know first hand how painful and devastating this condition can be. etc etc

Your introduction/first paragraph should flow smoothly into the next. SO your second paragraph should be a follow up to the first. Depending on your title, you can give tips to address the problems mentioned in paragraph #1.

Also depending on how many tips you have, you can use a separate paragraph to elaborate on each. This will make things flow and your article will not sound like garbage.

Bare in mind that you are not to give away too much information. You are creating suspense in your readers mind and you should try to leave them wanting more and more. That way when they get to your resource box they will want to click through to your website to get more info. A lot of people make the mistake of writing a well informative article and so when the reader is done, their problem is solved so there is no need for them to click over to your website. πŸ™

Your Conclusion/ Resource Box

I like to have the conclusion as the resource box/author bio. The reason is simple! You want the resource box to flow as if it is part of the article and thus increase your ctr. Remember your aim is to get as much people as possible over to your website. The more traffic the more sales!

Bonus – Whatever keyword you are targeting in your title, you should have that keyword hyper linked in your resource box. This also help to increase your click through rateΒ  as well.

Update On 30 Days Article Writing Challenge!

At the moment I am at 14 Articles – I am 6 behind so I will need to crank out some extra articles. I will keep everyone updated. This post is already very long so will post that in another post. I hope you enjoy these tips on how to write articles and put them to use and make some extra $$$$

As always, I am looking forward to your comments!





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