Just Gave My Fanpage A Facelift

At the start of the year I made a post which clearly outlines some of the things I want to achieve by the end of this year 2012. If this is your first time visiting my internet marketing blog then you can see the post here: Happy New Year: Will 2012 Be Your Year For Success?

One of my objectives that I listed was to start being active on the social networks sites to build a brand for myself and in the process help a lot of persons to set up a profitable online business. As it relates to facebook, I did already have a fanpage when I wrote that post. However, it was just there and I wasn’t actively promoting it. That’s about to change though because I just had a new design done by a guy offering fan page designs on the warrior forum.

My New Fanpage Design

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Right now I feel very proud of my new page and am really pumped up to start getting social. Currently I am just at 75 fans but am hoping to grow that number exponentially as time goes by so that I can achieve my goal of 2000 fans by December. I have been doing some ‘facebook research’ and one of the guys that really provide some awesome information for free is Pat Flynn. He runs the Smart Passive Income Blog and you should really check out his website when you have some time because it’s a wealth of information.

If you have a fan page or looking to get one, you may find this post very interesting and informative: The Bloggers Guide To Facebook. Hey Pat, if you ever read this post man, just want to say I appreciate all the tips you give up on your blog and I proudly recommend you to the world – Good Job man!

Where From Here?

Obviously I can’t expect to just get fans flocking my page without doing any work. So I am going to try and fit in at least 1 hour per day for the next few weeks to actively promote my fanpage. I wont say exactly what I will do as yet until I have some stats to work with. Then I will report what I did, the results I got and the method that works best for getting me the most fans.

Well that’s it for today. Just wanted to make a post and let you guys know what I am up to. So without further ado, I invite you to check out my page, like it and stop by and say hello.

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God Bless you



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