Make Money Online With Article Marketing (Intro)

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If you’re like me, you’re always looking for an edge to market yourself and grow your online business – that’s why I recently started doing more work with article marketing.

I pride myself on being open-minded, and I’ll try just about anything once, especially if I think it will be the magic bullet that gives me the edge over my competitors in business. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s the innovators and calculated risk-takers who prosper, while those who sit on their laurels get passed by. That’s why I decided it was important to learn how to make money online with article marketing.

Image is everything in modern business, so to promote my business I decided that it was necessary to establish myself as an authority. Customers are drawn to businesses that appear confident and competent, so raising my personal profile and that of my business was key to projecting this image.

How Does Article Marketing Work – The Concept

Before The Internet…

In article marketing, you write a series of articles related to issues and subjects concerning your particular industry. For example, an attorney specializing in insurance law may right several articles about how a court ruling may affect similar insurance suits or a person who is in the golf niche may write an article giving tips on how to improve ones golf swing. Once the articles are written, they’re submitted to publications/article directories likely to be read by people interested in your niche/services.

Article marketing has been around for a very long time and the concept is pretty much the same. In the past, outdoors men would write for outdoor publications, medical professionals would write for health journals, mechanics would write for auto publications, etc. Articles were often also submitted to newspapers, who would use them as space would arise in the publication. These publications usually liked these submissions, as they often provided quality content for free.

Article Marketing Via The Internet..

Like everything else, the Internet has turned this model upside down and added a few new twists to the traditional practice of how to make money online with article marketing. Getting your articles placed on many article directories and ranked high in search engine results is key to promoting your business online through article marketing.

There are several tactics I’ve employed to get my articles widely distributed and highly ranked on search engine results. For starters, I search engine optimize (SEO) each of my articles. That means that I research keywords that are likely to be used by people doing a web search for my product or service. Once I have a list keywords, I then write informative articles and incorporate those keywords in my article titles, and several times though out the body of the article. I try to maintain a keyword density of about 2% while allowing the keywords to flow naturally and not affect the consistency and grammar of the articles.

This is trickier than it sounds. Search engines have been programmed to look for gratuitous use of keywords, and they’ll ban any article that engages in “keyword stuffing.” You need to use your keywords judiciously, and make sure they read as a natural part of your text. The golden mean used by most online marketers is 3-4 repetitions of the keyword per 500 words of copy.

Getting Your Articles Syndicated..

Getting your article placed is another challenge. It’s not enough just to post the article to your site, you must get others to pick it up as well. I’ve had a lot of luck in posting  articles to Internet forums and also linking my page to popular blogs and convincing them to post my articles to their page.

One thing I can’t stress enough about article marketing is that quality is king when you’re learning how to make money online with article marketing. You absolutely must do your home work and offer quality content if you want people to pick up your articles and take what you have to say seriously.

Article Marketing As A Service…

Once you master article marketing for your own business, you can start offering the service to others. By mastering a few of the basic skills of article writing and research, you gain a valuable skill that many of your fellow businessmen and women have neither the time or interest to learn. This creates a new niche for you to pursue profits.

By generating a decent portfolio of articles to show to potential clients, you establish yourself as an authority on article marketing and can sell your services to other businesses. Article-writing can be very intimidating to a lot of people, and many will gladly pay you to take over the duty for them.

Many times you can swap services with another business. For example, if you’re talented at writing and another business has a talented web designer, you can possibly trade services, allowing you to take advantage of one another’s strengths. This is a great way how to make money online via article marketing.

Even if you choose just to provide article marketing only for your own business, it’s a valuable skill to develop as it will make you a better and more organized communicator. This is an important skill to have, as effective communication is key to keeping your current customers and recruiting new ones.

As you can see, article marketing can be a great way to grow your business by getting traffic to your websites and thus sales/customers. I know this was a general post and so in my future post I will get into more details so you can see how I would set up an article marketing campaign to drive traffic to my websites.

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