Make Your First Sale From Article Marketing

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How To Make Your First Sale From Article Marketing

I get a lot of emails from folks asking me for help with affiliate marketing. So I’ve decided to share a little strategy that you can use to make your first sale and then replicate the process over and over again to get many more sales.

Article marketing is primarily the writing and wide distribution of written articles to online outlets like newsletter publishers, forums and directories and offline outlets like newspapers and magazines. It is suitable to anybody involved in selling his/her own products, affiliate products or basically building traffic to a website with multiple affiliate links, an opt in page or an AdSense site. It is not only effective, but also provides an affordable and economical way to make your first sale online.

Article marketing can enhance the growth of your business due to numerous reasons. Articles can easily become viral thereby enabling your information to spread on the internet leading to increased traffic and sales. Publishing the articles on various sites also build your credibility through establishment of yourself as an expert in your niche.

The process of article marketing is very simple. The first step is to write articles about your business/niche which are keyword optimized. These articles are then submitted to popular and reliable article directory websites where they may be found by people looking for information in your niche. The search engines are also able to pick them up thus sending your articles even more traffic. At the end of your articles, you’ll have an option to place a short ‘Author Bio‘ and this is where you can invite your readers to visit your website for more information.

For instance, if you are in the diet niche, you could write articles on diets that are related to one or more of your diet products. The article should be informative and emphasize on the solutions that your product will offer to certain problems. If the product is a diet pill, the article can focus on the dangers of obesity, its causes and various ways of prevention and elimination. The concept is that you should provide enough information in your article so that the reader will always want to get more information from you.

Getting Started

Here is an overview of what you will do:

1. Find A Lucrative Niche (hungry market)

2. Find a Product That  Caters To That Market (Click Here For A Hungry Market)

3. Setup A Landing Page /Presell Page (Click Here To Get a High Converting Pre-sell Page)

4. Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Landing Page Via Articles

Finding A Lucrative Niche:

This is one of the main problems that most people have when it comes to affiliate marketing. The truth is, if you chose the wrong niche you could set up yourself for failure. Thus it is very important that you do your market research properly. So for this little method, here is what I want you to do:

We are going to start with clickbank since it is one of the easiest place to start when it comes to affiliate marketing.

(Note that there are a ton of other affiliate networks with products you can promote. I choose clickbank because I like their interface and the ease which you can promote products.)

So go to and chose 5 products in different categories based on the following criteria:

  • Must have a gravity above 20 but less than 250.
  • Must offer a minimum of $20 for each commission you will make.
  • Must have a clean sales page with no opt-in form
  • The sales letter/video must be convincing – read it and see if your would want to buy!

After you have found 5 products, its time to narrow down to one. SO now you are going to check the demand for the products, the competition for the products as well as if people are already spending money on these products. The best product will be the one that has the most demand, the least competition.

How To Find Out If There’s A Demand For Your Products?

If there’s no demand for the product you are promoting then it really makes no sense because as you can imagine you wont make a lot of sales. You want to promote product that a lot of people are searching for. The more searches, the better and easier your chance to make your first sale from article marketing.

So how do you find out the demand for your products?

It’s simple actually!

What you’ll do is to use a keyword tool to find out how many searches your products receive on average per month. There are many tools available that you can use. Some are free and some require a small investment. If you have some start up capital then I would recommend that you invest in Niche Finder by Brad Callen. It’s a very simple tool but it really does give some golden keywords. If you don’t have the investment, you can use the free Google Keyword Tool.

Using The Google Keyword Tool

1. Place your 5 product names/product names review in the search box

2. Select only show ideas closely related to my terms

3. Go to advance settings and select location: All, Language: English, Devices: Desktops and Laptops

4. Click Search (see image below)

5. After you get your search results, select [EXACT] on the left to show only the exact amount of searches that these keywords get as is. (that means no variation thereof)

6. Click On the heading of the Global Monthly Searches To Arrange the keywords in order of most searched to least searched.

After you have completed the task above, you’ll know exactly which of the products you chose have the highest demand.

Checking The Competition For Your Products

This step is also a very crucial step to your success. You have to do some amount of research to ensure that you don’t go for product/keywords that have too much competition already. Competition is good but if you are just starting out, you want to take things a bit slowly until you have some success and are more confident to take on a bigger challenge.

Competition in this sense is referring to the amount of website already ranking for your product keywords and how strong these sites are. Strength here is a combination of a lot of things such as age of the domain, pr of the page ranking, number and quality of backlinks pointing to the page ranking.

Finding Out How Many Websites Are Optimized For Your Keywords

1. To find out how many websites are optimized for your keywords, all you need to do is to go to and search for your keywords in quotes “” one at a time. This will return the results with the number of websites targeting your specific keyword. Watch the video below for more clarification:

Checking The Strength Of The Competition

2. In this step you are going to check the PR (page rank) of the pages ranking top 10 for each of your keywords (product names + product name review). To check the pr of the pages, you can use this free tool:

If you use firefox, you can download and install seaquake firefox plugin. When you search for terms, the plugin will give you a ton of information about the websites ranking and this include the page rank information. (see example in image below).

For each keyword, add the pr’s that you got for the top 10 websites and then divide the total value by 10. What you are actually doing here is finding the average pr of the websites ranking on the first page for your keywords.

You can use the following guide to help you decide on which keywords to go with:

  • If average pr is above 4 => Too Competitive
  • If average pr is 3 and below => Achievable But Will take Lots Of Work
  • If Average pr is 2 and below => Achievable But Will Take Some Work
  • If Average pr is 1 and below => Achievable With Very Little Work
  • If Average pr is 0 => Easy First page Rankings.

Are People Spending Money On The Products?

A good way to find out if people are spending money on the products that you have chosen is to observe if any there are any advertisers on adwords for those products. Simple do a broad search in Google for the product names and look for the sponsored ad section. If there are several advertisers then that is a good indication that people are spending money on these products. I doubt that someone would be paying money to advertise products if they are not making money from them.

Why Are We Interested In The Page Rank Of The Websites Ranking?

Before I go any further, I want to shed some light on why we were interested in getting information on the websites that were ranking page one. This post is about how to make your first sale from article marketing but I love to work smart and not just hard. So the reason we wanted to find out the competition of the websites is because we will be building websites ourselves and we want to outrank the ones already there. SO even though we will start off marketing with articles, in the long run we want our website to be on the first page of Google so that we can get long term traffic and make passive income from all the hard work that we will be putting in.

Domain & Hosting

A landing page is the page that your visitors land on after they click a link from your articles. In order to make your first sale from article marketing, you’ll need to create a landing page to pre-sell your chosen product. So the first thing you need to do is to get a domain name (this will be the URL for your website). I normally get my domain names from Namecheap but you can also use Godday as well.

As may have seen by now, we will be targeting product names. So when choosing your domain name, you need to ensure that the product name is in your domain. So your domain could be something like: If your domain is already taken, you can use a suffix such as a letter or number and that will do just fine.

After you get your domain name, you’ll need a hosting account so that people will be able to access your website online. Without the hosting your web address basically does not exist since no one will be able to view your website online.

The hosting service I use and recommend is Hostgator. They have been very reliable and their support staff is excellent. I would recommend that you go for the Baby package which will allow you to host unlimited domains. You can use this coupon code (25OFFPURCHASE) to get your first month for $0.01.

Setting Up Your Landing Page

For your landing page we will be using the wordpress blog platform.

See video below on how to add your domain name to your hostgator account and how to install a wordpress blog

Once your wordpress blog is installed, you are ready to start promoting your product. In order to do this, you need to have content on your website that speaks about the product, the benefits and give as much information as possible to someone looking to purchase that product.

Your blog should have minimum 4 posts and each of these posts should be a minimum of 700 words (NO LESS). Since wordpress posts are displayed in chronological order (last post shows on top), you want to make your first 3 post to give some basic information about the product. The 4th post will be an in-depth product review. The best way to write a good review and be HONEST about it is to contact the product owner and tell them you are requesting a review copy so you can write an accurate product review. Be sure to have your first 3 posts live before you ask. This way they will see that you are serious and 9/10 times they will say yes.

After you are done writing your review, you can place your masked affiliate links throughout the content to recommend the product. As soon as you start getting traffic, you’ll make your first sale from article marketing.

Driving Traffic With Articles

The aim of your articles is to win the interest of your readers and motivate them to continue reading in order to get them over to your website. Remember, if they don’t get to your website then there’s no chance of you making a sale!

The main factor in fine tuning an article is creativity. Although creativity may be natural to most people, some people try to literally arm twist creativity which may drive you crazy. Transforming words to images in the mind of a reader is considered a great art. Crisp and clear depiction requires not only creativity but certain flair. Metaphors and similes introduce an interesting part to the article. However, the essence of the article is based on the way it is entwined word for word, sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph.

When you are writing your articles, make them as interesting as possible so that your readers are hooked. This way, they’ll read your entire article and click on the link in your resource box to your website.

Getting The Most Out Of Article Marketing

When you write you articles, you want to get as much eyeballs on them as possible. So the first thing you are going to do is to post the article on your own website preferably on a blog subdirectory since your landing page will be on the main domain. The next thing you want to do is to post the article on top article directories where they may get syndicated by other webmasters looking for content for their websites. This way you will get even more traffic to your articles and thus to your landing page so you can make your first sale from article marketing.

Write Multiple Articles – Advertising is the key to success for any business. Here you are using articles as your form as advertising as as you can imagine one are wont do a lot for the growth of your business. My advice is to write at least 3 articles (minimum 800 words in length, informative, engaging and interesting) per week. The more articles you get out there, the more traffic you will get and the more sales you’ll make.


This post on how to make your first sale from article marketing has gotten rather long and so I want to close off by wishing you good luck and urging you to take action right away. This post is a really simple formula that works and I know this because I’ve done it myself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Also be sure to check out my facebook page and stop by and say hi.

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