Are You Passionate About What You Do Online?

It stands without doubt that the people who are most successful in what they do are the ones who are very passionate about their work. These are the persons who when they go to bed they can’t wait to get up and start another day doing what they love. These are the persons who put their heart and soul into becoming the best that they can be to ensure that they get where they want to get.

Why did you decide to do internet marketing?

Think about that question for a second…

Put some thought into it too.

You see the only way you are going to be successful online is if you know your objectives and work towards achieving them. So if you don’t know why you want to do/learn internet marketing then you’ll NEVER become successful at it.

Not having an ‘OBJECTIVE’ is like driving without a map. You are moving around it circles but getting nowhere closer to where you want to be. I call this the drunken chicken effect. (Don’t ask where I got that name from)

UNFORTUNATELY – This is the reality of more than 90% of ‘internet marketers’ today! (A while back I was in this percentage too so don’t feel too bad if you are in it now!)

 So back to the original question: why do you want to do internet marketing?

  • Is it because you hate your day job and you are looking for an alternative?
  • Is it because you want to make some additional income to support your day job?
  • Is it because you want a better lifestyle for you and your family?
  • Is it because you want to make enough money but still have the freedom to be with your family and enjoy life to the fullest?

You don’t have to tell me your answer but you need to be HONEST with yourself. So here’s what I suggest: Write yourself a mission statement with your objective of why you want to succeed at internet marketing.

Heck, print it out and pin it on your wall so that you can see it everyday.


So that’ you’ll never forget what you want to achieve. From now on, everything you do online should take you one step closer to achieving that objective.

How Passionate Are You About What You Do?

Okay let me be straight up and say that you don’t have to be passionate about something to be good at it. However, when you are passionate about something, there will be more driving force to get it done, you’ll enjoy doing what you do and the overall experience will be one that you are very pleased about. On the other hand, when you are doing something you are not passionate about, you get bored easily, you have no motivation to stick to the task at hand, you have no will power and the overall experience is one that can be very miserable and frustrating.

How Does Passion And Internet Marketing Works?

In the first paragraph of this post I told you that the most successful people are the ones who are most passionate about what they do. It’s pretty much the same thing in internet marketing. Have you ever watch a Frank Kern or a Jeff Walker or a Brendon Burchard video before?

Do you ever see the amount of passion these guys put into their work?

Heck they could be telling you something you already know but the way how they say whatever they are saying make it seems like they made a brilliant discovery. The reason is because these guys are passionate about what they do and they get good at it and make themselves authorities in the industry. As a result, they speak with more authority, they are role models, they are HIGHLY sought after and most of all, they are very wealthy.

What’s The Take Away Note Here?

It’s simple, do something that you love and enjoy doing. Become the best at it and be the sought after person in your niche. Even if you don’t know much about your niche, as long as you enjoy the topics in your niche you can become the best at it by simply doing a little research and reading. I guarantee you that if you spend a little time to do some research, you’ll know more than 95% of your competition.

But you must take action

Get the word out about what you have to offer. Write an article a day? Join forums and take part in discussions, put up a fan page and spread the word. Do everything you can to get visitors to your website, get them onto your mailing list, help them along the way with whatever problems they may be having.. Become and authority and the wealth will follow.

Remember, I am rooting for you and you can become successful online – it just take a little bit of passion and some heart and soul and you will get there. Here’s a little motivational video for you:


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