Important Tools And Resources To Grow Your Online Business

Hi and welcome to my resource page. On this page I’ll be listing some of the tools and resources that will be useful to grow your online business or take it to the next level. For every person to be successful in whatever jobs or careers they are in, they will need to have certain skills or tools that will make life easier for them.

As it relates to internet marketing or an online business, there are a ton of tools that can automate a whole lot of tasks. Unfortunately, not all of those tools are worthwhile so I will only be listing tools that I personally use or have hands on experience with.

Please note that some tools below are free and some are paid.

For most of the paid tools, the links below will be affiliate links. That means should you make a purchase via said links, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

On another note, I will also encourage you not to buy any of the products below if you are not certain that you need them. If you need more information, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Domain Name

Namecheap: This is where I get all my domain names. Your domain name will be the URL of your website and is what persons will type in there browsers to find your website. For example, the domain for this website is


Hostgator: This is how your websites will be kept online. If you have a domain name and no hosting then when someone tries to access your website they will get an error saying page cannot be found. So your hosting is the land on which your domain (house) resides. If you are going to create multiple websites then I recommend you sign up for the baby plan at hostgator. You can use the coupon 25OFFPURCHASE to get your first month for $0.01.


WordPress: This is a free blogging platform that majority of internet marketers uses today. You can sign up for a free wordpress account at or your can use the wordpress blogging platform on your own domain. I recommend using your own domain especially if your objective is to make money from your websites.

Blogger: This is also another free blogging platform that is owned by Google. Unlike the free version of wordpress, blogger will allow you to place links in your blogs to promote products. So if you really can’t afford to get yourself a domain and hosting blogger is where you’d want to start.

How To Start a Blog That Matters: An in-depth 13 weeks training program by Corbett Barr on how to start and run a successful blog from scratch. You’ll learn how to choose topics for your blog, how to build an audience and how to monetize your blog and so much more.

WordPress Themes

Woothemes: This is the theme I use on most of my niche sites. They have a lot of premium and professional looking themes so you wont have a problem finding a perfect theme for your next website.

Thesis Theme: This is the theme that this blog currently runs on. What I like about thesis is that it is very good for seo and can be customized to look just how you want it to.

Niche/Keyword Research

Niche Finder: This is a simple yet very powerful keyword research software by Brad Callen that can help you find some golden keywords with the click of a button.

Micro Niche Finder: Another software that I use very often that is created my James Jones. Very easy to use and gives you a ton of information such as strength of competition etc.

Google Keyword Tool: The Google keyword tool will provide you with a list of keywords that people have been searching for overtime. All you have to do is to enter a broad term relating to your market and Google will give you related keywords, the number of times they have been searched for, competition for those keywords and a ton more valuable information. You can read this post on how to chose the right keywords.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool: This is a similar keyword tool to the Google Keyword Tool but I find that this interface is much simpler and it gives you the amount of searches per day instead of per month. It also gives you a longer list of ‘Long Tailed Keywords’ some of which may not be found in the Google Keyword Tool.

Wordtracker Keyword Questions: This is a fantastic tool that you can use to find questions that people are typing in the search engines to get answers for.

Email Marketing

Getresponse: This is the Autoresponder service that I use to capture my leads in my various markets. So far I like the service and I highly recommend them if you want to your messages to get delivered.

Aweber: I haven’t personally used Aweber but because it is one of the most highly recommended Autoresponder service I decided to list it here so you can have an option to choose from.

Payment Systems/ Affiliate Programs

Paypal: You can use paypal to send and receive money as well as to sell your products online. When you use paypal to sell your products, you get the money into your paypal account right away which you have direct access to and can make purchases from that money without having to wait until a pay period like some affiliate networks do.

Paydotcom: This is an affiliate network where you can choose products to promote as well as list products of your own and have other affiliates promote for you. In this network, product owners are responsible for paying their affiliates and you get your payment to your paypal account.

Clickbank: This is the most popular affiliate network for you to sell your ebooks/software on or to promote other peoples products as an affiliate. Unlike paydotcom, clickbank handles all the payment processing and depending on how many checks you have received, you have to option to get direct deposits or wire transfers.

Amazon: this is not doubt the largest affiliate program for physical products. Almost any product you can think of is on amazon which makes it a great resource for finding products to promote in various niche markets. Some states in the US are not allowed to join the affiliate program so make sure you check that out first before getting started with them.


Google Adsense: this is where Google allows you to place their ads on your websites and give you a share of the profits. Be sure to read their TOS before adding any adsense ads to your websites.


Google Analytics: the only tracking program that I am currently using is Google Analytics. You can sign up for free, add your website and they’ll give you a little code to put on all your webpages. This will then record a lot of information about your visitors such as where they came from, how long the spent on your website, what links they click and a whole lot more.

Outsourcing Work

Articlemarketing Co: For excellent, well research articles.

Iwriter: For cheap articles – not always the best quality unless you select premium writers.

Fiverr: All types of miscellaneous task for as little as $5 per gig.

Elance: This is where you can get professionals to do any type of job for you from creating ebooks, software or any type of special coding or apps that you may need.


Coreftp: this is the ftp (file transfer protocol) software I use to transfer files from my computer to my websites.

Open Office: If you don’t have microsoft office then this software will handle all your needs from documents to pdf etc.

Bookmarking Demon: The software that I use to bookmark my posts, links etc with the click of a button and it works like a charm.

The Best Spinner: this is one of the best spinning software on the market that you can use to spin your articles into different versions especially when building backlinks to your sites.

My Products

The Newbies Fast Cash 2012 Edition: This is a guide I wrote that teaches you step by step how to make money from creating little niches around clickbank products.

SEO Ranking System: This is another guide I wrote that details the exact steps I take to rank my websites on the first page of Google.

Other Books I Read And Recommend

Ebooks The Smart Way: A step by step guide by my friend Pat Flynn that shows you how to create and launch a successful ebook from start to finish.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: This is a very interesting book that I think every marketer should read. It’s about a boy (Robert T. Kiyosaki) who had to father figures in his life and one was rich and the other was poor. He shares what he learned from his rich dad and how he himself became rich. I won’t share the story so you should go and check it out!

The Master Key To Riches – This is a fantastic book written by Napoleon Hill which I also think every marketer should read. This book is based on an interview Hill did with one of the richest man that ever lived: Andrew Carnegie. He exposes a philosophy that every person should have in order to become wealthy. By the way, you’ll learn in the book that there are 12 kinds of riches of which money is just one and actually the last one listed!


The products and resources above is what I use to automate a lot of tasks in my business. I hope you find them useful and if you do, I ask that you click the like button below. If you have any questions of concerns, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.