The 30 Days Challenge- Day #1 Updated

Hey folks,

What’s up??

Welcome back to my blog on the 30 Days Challenge. This is the second post for August 1, 2009. You can see the first post where I lay out some of the objectives and expectations at The 30 Days Challenge Overview.

Now I just want to keep you up-to-date on what I have done for the first day of the challenge. Today is Saturday so I didn’t do too much. However I am still going to post about what I have accomplished for today.

1. Created a brand new clickbank account for this Challenge:


2. Created a new Gmail Account:


3. Chose 3 Niches:

Before I get into the niches I chose, I would also like to give you some tips so that you too can chose your niche/s without picking your hair out. Cool!

Look For Products That:

** Pays a minimum of $20- Anything lower may not be profitable for you. Remember our goal is to make up to $1000+ per month. So if we have one product that pays $36 per sale that would be even better as we would only need to make one sale per day to make $1000+ per month! ?

** Has a gravity between 30 and 200- anything less may not be worthwhile and anything higher can be too competitive. This not gospel but it is a guide I use to ensure that I select products with the highest profit potential.

** Has % referred higher than 60%. This tells that a number of affiliates are promoting the product and making sales.

** Has a professional sales page. Don’t over look this. If you really want to make $36 per day the product sales page has to convert. So read it and see if it convinces you to buy. Does it have great bullet points, does it have short testimonials that don’t bore the reader, and does it have added bonuses that add to the value of the main product?
It makes no sense sending traffic to a sales page that doesn’t convert. Total waste of time and money ?

** Has an affiliate section with complete marketing tools. Banners, images, articles or anything that will make your marketing efforts easier. The trick is to work smarter and not harder.

Now Onto My Niches:

Niche #1-  Grow Taller For Idiots


** Niche Stats On Clickbank:


Niche #2 – Stop Sweating


Niche Stats On Clickbank:


Niche 3- Rocket Spanish


Niche Stats On Clickbank:


I also ordered 3 domain names for these Niches but I will keep them private for the time being. I don’t want to have everyone checking out these websites and messing up my stats. Sorry for that 🙁 But I will still let you know how I am promoting the products as I go along.

SO that’s it for today.

Tomorrow I will analyze each of these Niches and give you a full report and how I plan to attack each of them.

So the Goals For Tomorrow:

Market Research

Keyword Research

Glad you could join me and I wish you all the best and success.

Have a great evening.




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