Why Most New Internet Marketers Fail To Make Money Online

Hey Guys

Long time no chat 🙁

Jeez it seems like years. Yea I know, I have been busy, lazy and everything in one. But the good thing is I am here to stay. I have goals and objectives and I am going achieve them one way or another. I WILL NEVER Give UP!

Now the main reason why I am posting today is because I want to specifically send a message to all Internet Marketing Newbies.


Here’s the reason:

The main reason is because I care. I care about helping people and seeing them succeed in whatever they do. Now here’s the deal:

I have been away from the ‘IM Niche’ for a while. Those of you who are on my list may notice that you haven’t received any mails or updates from me for a long time. That’s because I have been under the radar focusing on small niche sites. Heck it is a lot of work I can tell you. And SEO…. Even more work and patience. I have seen some of my sites dance I think the ‘big G’ is having a ballerina lol.

But Back to my story. So it’s been a long while since I have been away and throughout that period, I have been getting lots of emails asking me what has happened to me, or some people just email me as they need some help of some sort. Then it hit me! I need to help these folks out because they really need me. I feel like I have a responsibility and I need to take action or else some of these folks are going to fail, crash and burn.

So a days ago, I decided that I was going to focus on building my IM Niche list and help guide newbies in the right direction. I mean, some people just need a helping hand to guide them in the right direction so they can see the light.

The first method I ventured in was doing ADSWAPS. I have never really done any before and thought it might be a great idea to get involved.

I was introduced to some forums where I could find people with similar list size and do some swaps as it’s one of the fastest way to build your list. It’s just a matter of finding the right persons, and having the right offer. However, after joining the forums and chat rooms I realized that most of the people there are newbies. And guess what?

They Are All Trying Tell Sell Make Money Online Or Other IM Related Products.

Damn Damn Damn!!!

Pardon my language but do you see what is happening there?

And what’s even worse is that it’s not their fault. Sad but true. I have been chatting with a few of these folks and they told me their ‘mentor’ told them to do it. How the hell can they do that?

Listen, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t take swimming lessons from someone who can’t swim. What are they going to teach me? I hope you see where I am going. The number 1 mistake that most new internet marketers make is that they are trying to sell/teach people how to make money online and they have never done it themselves.

Let Me Say This:

You Cannot Teach People How To make Money Online If You Have Never Done It Yourself!!!

Think really hard about that. While you can teach someone theory stuff, you need to have real hands on experience. Otherwise everything will come across as total BS. Come on, I see some newbies trying to teach others how to make money online and all they are doing is either copying something from someones or paraphrasing…

So What’s My Message To Newbies?

Before you go into the internet marketing niche, learn the basics first! (Very Important)

Trust me, there are niches out there with far less competition and more hungry buyers. The idea is simple:

1. Find a Hungry niche (preferably one you have a little interest in)

2. Find out what problems they are having

3. Provide them with a solution.

All of the above steps have a lot of steps in between. However, it far easier to accomplish than to try and sell fish to fishermen if you understand what I mean. Learning the basics may take some time but once you have it, you will find that making money online is so much more than selling IM related product.

I challenge you to learn to do proper market research, keyword research, how to write a good pre-sell and how to drive targeted traffic to your offer. That’s it folks. People with problems come online looking for a solution and your job is to provide them with the best possible solution in an ethical, legal and professional manner. Once you can do this.. YOU WILL MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

Trust me on that, it’s just as the offline world.. Find a hungry market and give them want they want. Need I Say More?

I know it can be tough when you are just getting started but you can get the help you need if you just ask. So If you have any problems, post a comment below and I will respond as soon as I can possibly can.

For now, take care and all the best in your business!



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