Is There Really A Work At Home Business That Works?

Hi and welcome to my internet marketing blog. In this post I want to answer the question: Is There Really A Work At Home Business That Works?

If you are brand new to internet marketing then it can be very hard for you to find out what products or programs really work and what doesn’t. I got started in internet marketing in 2008 which is almost 3 years ago and it was hard then.. Now it’s even harder because almost everyday a brand new internet marketing course launches on the scene promising to make you rich practically overnight – NONSENSE!

So Is There Really A Work At Home Business That Works?

The short Answer is YES! However, there are a few points that I need to make clear because too often people come online with the wrong mindset thinking that the internet will provide them with instant riches. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The internet is a great place to start a work at home business but the reality is that it takes hard work for that business to become successful. So please, don’t believe all the lies that you are hearing – while you really can become rich from the internet, don’t expect it to happen overnight and also be prepared to work very hard to make it happen.

With that being said, I am about to introduce you to several types of online businesses that you could get started in today. These business are very easy to start up and may require very little to no investment. That’s the beauty of an online business, you don’t have to have a ton of money to get started with a successful work at home business.

Work At Home Business Models That Works:

1. Becoming A Freelance Worker:

This is by far one of the best way to start generating some cash online. If you have some skills in areas such as graphic designing, content writing, backlinking, software development and various other skills then you can offer your services as a freelancer. There are hundreds of webmasters looking for people to do work for them and that is good news for you. You can sign up to internet marketing forums and freelance sites and start bidding on jobs as its a great work at home business model that you can enroll in.

Pros of being a freelancer

  • ** requires no start up cash and there are tons of jobs available.
  • ** You get paid directly to your paypal account
  • ** You can set your own prices depending on type of work needed

Cons Of being A Freelancer

  • ** You may need to develop a reputation before you can start getting lots of jobs
  • ** Some people can be hard to please no matter how hard you try
  • ** Some people may not want to pay you for your work – So be careful which sites you get your clients from
  • ** Can be very boring depending on your services
  • ** Can be hard to meet deadlines due to workload.

2. Google Adsense Advertising

Another work at home business model that works is adsense advertising. Google is the largest search engine on the internet where people go to search for things. As a result they also have one of the largest advertising program called Google Adsense. This is where advertisers will pay Google to advertise their websites for related search terms. So every time someone searches for a keyword and the advertisers sites shows up, if a searcher clicks on their sites then they are charged for the click. The cost will depend on how many other advertisers are bidding on the same keywords.

So how does this business model work for you? Well, Google has extend their advertising program to regular webmasters like you and me. That mean you can sign up to their advertising program and allow them to place advertisements on your website. Once you are accepted, they’ll provide you with codes to place on your website to show block of ads and if a visitor lands on your page and click on them then Google will split the profits with you. Note: it’s very important to pay close attention to Google Adsense TOS otherwise you risk getting your account banned.

Pro of Google Advertising Business Model

  • ** No selling is required. Someone just lands on your site and click and you get paid
  • ** Very easy to get started and require very little start up cash
  • ** Once you set it up right, it will require very little maintenance

Cons Of Google Adsense Program

  • ** You’ll need a website before you can start
  • ** You’ll need a lot of traffic to get lots of clicks to make good money
  • **  They only pay by Check or Western Union so it may take a while to receive your pay

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular work at home business that works. With affiliate marketing you (the affiliate) will sell/promote products and or services not owned by you but when a sale is generated, you’ll automatically receive a commission. There several types of affiliate program. Some of them are:

CPC – Cost per click: this is where you get paid per click instead of per sale (google adsense would be in this category)

CPS – Cost Per Sale: this is when you get a commission whenever you make a sale of a product/service

CPL – Cost Per Lead: Here you get a commission on a lead. That means that the person doesn’t have to buy anything, they could simply enter their email in a form and you get paid.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing Business Model

  • ** Very easy to get started
  • ** Can start with $0 Investment
  • ** No worrying about creating products
  • ** No need for customer support
  • ** No contact with customers
  • ** Very little maintenance of your websites
  • ** you may not even need a website

Cons of Affiliate Marketing Business Model

  • ** Can be hard to find good converting products
  • ** Need to be good at traffic generation to get lots of sales
  • ** Some program offers very little percentage commission
  • ** Some products can have high refund rates

4. Creating Your Own Products

The final work at home business that works that we will look at in this post is product creation. This involves creating your own product either by yourself or have it created by others (outsourcing). This is one of the most lucrative home based business model but as you can imagine, it requires even more work than the others. Firstly you have to find a lucrative market and then perform proper market research to figure out what type of products people are hungry for. Then you have to ensure that you create a high quality product that will satisfy the needs of these persons and then you have to market the product.

Pros Of Creating Your Own Products

  • ** You get 100% Commissions (less payment processor fees)
  • ** You are in charge of everything
  • ** You determine what percentage to give to affiliates
  • ** You have total control of the price of your products

Cons of Creating Your Own Products

  • ** You have to deal with customer support
  • ** Product could be a flop if you never did proper market research
  • ** Can be difficult to get affiliates to promote your products for you
  • ** Requires a lot of start up cash especially if you outsource most of the work
  • ** Takes a longer time to be completed to start generating sales

Still Asking: Is There Really A Work At Home Business That Works?

I hope Not!

I sincerely hope that I have shed some light on some of the various work at home business models that you can focus on to start generating an online income from home. All of the above models can be very profitable so look at the pros and cons I have outlined and go with the one that suits you most.

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